A Great Step in Fashion A Hybrid Footwear Hits The Market


We have been into the world of sneakers with different brands and styles. But the question remains, does this world have boundaries to bring-in innovation limits? And how far are we getting into it? Well, we have had crocs that hit the market eleven years ago and made a significant trend by the time the year 2007 approached. Also, you must have heard about the self-lacing sneakers. They came, trended, made good sales and are still on market up to date.  Now, the Fusion Heel-Sneakers just made their way in.

If you are really a fashion person, the name Mats Rombaut will definitely ring a bell. Does it?  Well, being one of the best footwear designers Vegas has ever had, He once introduced us to the Legendary Lettuce Slides, one of the most shared sneakers. In the recent previous Paris fashion week, Mats introduced the world to his newly invented Heel Sneaker with a metamorphosed heel and an orthopedic sole. Pretty inventive, right? The footwear was first shown at the Escape Niemeyer in Paris, where the Climate Change Protest Presentations took place.

At the Balenciaga’s U.N runway show, The Models were spotted with the sporty heels with some great grooves and an elastic sole made of the great polyurethane material. The uppers were seen meshed and a colorfully printed velvet.

The idea of Fusion Heel-Sneakers has been there for a while now. For instance, following the presentation of one of the most famous London-based designers, Ancuta Sarca, who is a Romanian by birth, she created the Nike Kitten Heel sneakers. Evidently, the sneakers are a blend of Nike sneakers and Kitten Heel. I would simply call it a Nike Trainers and Heel blend. Which to me sounds very interesting and creative. The sneakers have a Nike Upper to feature the signature swoosh and white laces. If you’re a fan of the Pointy-Toe Mule sneakers, I bet you will definitely fall in love with this awesome heel-sneaker blend.

The most important thing in fashion is creativity. Once creativity comes in, fashion Pops outs automatically. Who would think that blending a Heel and a Nike sporty Sneaker would bring forth such a wonderful and stylish footwear? But there it is, Colorful and perfectly designed. Well, thanks to Ancuta Sarca for her amazing creativity. Primarily, she began this as her project (personal project) and it’s been a year now into this shoe blending business.  Sarca explains how she decided to invent this Sneaker fusion using her old Sneakers and Heels which she no longer used. She further expounds on how she thought of a way to make them useful to her again and that’s when the Fusion idea popped out. Since then, the idea has been growing and now things are getting a little bit trendy gradually. She further explains how she goes around collecting old sneakers and heels that are no longer in use and then she gives them a new life with a different form and style.

Al Amin, A design student from Berlin has also showcased her upcoming invention. She put up a post of a Sneaker-Heel Fusion on her Instagram page. From her post as shown in the picture below, the sneaker heel-fusion features a mushroom Stem Heel and the upper body is basically from a sports shoe. In simple terms, the footwear is Heel from the bottom and a sporty sneaker from the upper side. See the picture below.

The idea of merging sport sneakers and Heels seems pretty awesome and a great move in the world of fashion and style. There is no progress without change. There must always be a change for progress to be evident. The sneaker-Heel fusion innovation seems to be an appreciation of the philosophy that says that everyone has the right to wear what they want. To link-up on that, Sarca continues to say that her passion for the Shoe Fusion idea was driven by her love for sneakers and how they gave her this masculine feeling. So she thought it interesting to feminize the sneakers. That’s when the idea of molding heels on the sneakers came out. And most amazingly, the idea result happens to be a very stylish and fashionable Hybrid Footwear.

Sneaker-Heel fusion innovation is not only creative but very economical. You can imagine reviving your old and useless footwear to new stylish and unique useful footwear, pretty awesome right? If you can blend old shoes to come up with something more colorful and amazing like the Sneaker-Heel fusions discussed above, why would you ever think of dumping your old shoes? Why would you go spending money to buy new shoes and still keep on pilling up old sneakers? It has been made a mistake already by our 2 most trending designers available. They have shown us that there is no point in disposing of old shoes we do not use anymore because we can actually make a better blend out of the original old footwear. Fashion is optional and anyone can have it the way they think is right. So if you wake up one day and feel like you want to merge your old sneakers with heel shoes, it’s all on you to decide. The Sneaker-Heel Fusion is here, most probably a closet near you. The question is, do you agree with the innovation? Is it worthy of appreciation?