A Guide for Beginners on Online Gaming


How are you having fun during the COVID-19 stay-at-home and social distancing?

With the entire world on lockdown, many people are finding ways to shorten their days indoors. The best approach to overcome the boredom and obvious routines is online gaming, among many indoors fun activities. Besides, online gaming is something you can engage as a family.

This means that young lads to the elderly can have their piece of fun in the online gaming world. Even better, it has become among the best ways to socialise as you can interact with other gamers online from across the globe.

This guide will help a beginner find their way into gaming online. Read on.


Why Should You Play Video Games?

Playing is for fun. With the digital world’s advancement, the online gaming world has vastly grown, creating more and better gamer experiences. Remarkably, online games come in all categories to suit everyone. For instance, you will find something for the toddler to enjoy, a quest for the teenagers to accomplish and a battlefield or soccer game for the adult. Still, the mums and ladies have their share of cooking, makeup and fashion games to engage, not to mention bingo for the elderly at home. There’s something for everyone to have fun with. What’s more?

Furthermore, games can improve hand-eye coordination, vision, cognitive flexibility, and decision making. Regardless of popular typecasts, games are friendly and all-encompassing, with vast, supportive societies and beautiful events.

Besides, suppose you are comfortable sitting for 3 hours watching TV or browsing through different sites gathering celebrity gossip. In that case, you should not have the confidence to call video games a waste of time.


Establish Your Options

Gone are the days when the world of gaming was only about ‘shooting them ups in Call of Duty’. Nowadays, games are very many and ever-changing to ensure everybody fits in the entertaining world. That is why it is essential to know what game is suitable for you.

For starters, there are those more outdated online gaming methods, which involve being in a competitive leeway to a standard console title. This way, you are required to battle against other players globally as you climb your way up the score chart to being a winner. Usually, a winner gets the coveted title and some goodies.

The other option involves iGaming, which comprises playing casino games online. Just like a traditional casino, this setting also entails hitting jackpots and winning real money. Significant online casino gaming allows gamers to enjoy games like slot machines, poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and more, all with various themes and prizes for the winners.

A significant difference from the land-based casinos is that the online setting allows players a free trial. Even though the free trials do not involve paying real money for winners, most players enjoy playing to familiarise themselves with them and the site. Lately, iGaming is the fastest growing sector in the gaming world, allowing gamers to play and win significant prizes. However, the player should be cautious about playing in verified sites and games like kamakazeebaitco.com. Talk of double pleasure!

Finally, there are the MMOs (Massively-Multiplayer-Online games). This kind of gaming allows the player to join other players in a vast virtual world and team up to trade and finish missions.


Compete or Not

Usually, the primary purpose for gaming is competitiveness. That is why significant industries and international competitions called eSports have emerged. With this in mind, a player may be in a dilemma of whether they are ready to compete or not.

Major gaming competitions involve many people who watch, play, and others bet the same way you would to a football match.

However, competitions are not for everyone who wants to play online games. Preferably, you can stick to little matches to play just for fun and not bet on anything.


Practice Is Key

Always remember that whatever game you choose to play, you are not alone. Most probably, you will find veteran players that are better than you. While you are playing for fun, you also want to feel the sense of achievement, hence winning few if not all quests and matches.

Therefore, the most crucial element in gaming is practice. You will only get better from a beginner to a pro by training. If the game means so much to you, then you better win!


What Do You Need To Play Video Games?

Playing video games is not an arduous task, and you can start minor or significant. You will need;


Smartphone/ Tablet

With a basic smartphone or tablet, you are ready to start gaming!

Mobile gadgets with the latest Android, Apple and Windows come with potent processors, large displays and vast app stores packed with games. Even better, if you have the newest smartphone model with an updated operating system, you will enjoy a wide range of game options.

Preferably, it would be best if you looked for a handset with the latest versions of iPhone and Android because Windows does not have good support for games. While the most expensive phones have the best gaming features, you will not miss an option matching whatever budget you have because mobile devices are vast in the market.



If you want to enjoy the most of your gaming experience, you need to invest in the best visuals. Even though you own the most expensive smartphone with great features, a PC offers the best experience to have you gaming all day and night.

Do not feel bad if you own an Apple Mac as it can also support games but with only a few options. For you to operate the current big-budget action games at the ultimate of their abilities for as long as two or three years, you will need something as powerful as the Intel i7 4790 processor. Also, 16GB of system memory; however, 8GB is still applicable for games and an Nvidia GTX 980 graphics card. Preferably, you need a somewhat new Windows install, even though several games support the open-source substitute, Linux.

However, you don’t have to steal a bank to buy a gaming beast. If you are okay with low-tone settings and features on your PC, you can get a decent machine with adequate memory. Besides, even an old laptop with 512MB of RAM and Windows XP will allow you to enjoy playing more minor games and older titles that do not require world-class hardware.

Therefore if you know what you want in a PC, you should go to a PC dealer and give them your budget and specifications. This way, they will advise on the best system suitable for your gaming needs. However, basic knowledge of computers and operating systems will help you stand a better chance of deciding the best upgrade when need be.



For a majority of gamers, a console is a perfect substitute for a PC. This is because they are readily available at a cheap rate, and you can play straight from the box. Even better, you don’t need to worry about hardware settings and graphics to use them.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are the current models, both retailing at an almost like price and highly similar. However, game developers are currently taking a liking to the PS4 hence seems to be selling better. This is because it has better graphics and performance that will leave a gamer glued for an extended period. Perhaps, check out what your friends have and invite them for an online battle over the weekend.

How to Play Online

For you to play online, you should get a router with a broadband internet connection. So, when you are shopping for a stable provider, you should look for the one that ensures you get speedy uploads and fast downloads, not to mention a steady connection that does not fluctuate in performance and latency.

Moreover, it would be best to look for a provider that offers limitless data downloads when you want to download many games. Also, check out if the service highlights gaming traffic. Some providers use traffic management to steady the service during total times, though this significantly impacts gaming performance.

Once you are ready, you can choose to plug your console or PC straight into the router through an Ethernet cable or connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi; for a PC, you will need a Wi-Fi package. But, a faster and steadier connection gaming experience is through a wired connection. Still, if you have your game machine in a separate room from your router, it would be best to connect using a power line adaptor that uses your home’s electric wiring as a network.

Generally, the uninitiated lot may find online gaming to be both intimidating and somewhat confusing. Online gaming tends to be somehow ‘rough’ on beginners. Therefore, to experience the joys and benefits of online gaming, you need to play regularly. Besides, who wants to carry on with the ‘newbie’ term for an extended period? The above guide will help you stand firm in the initial steps as you progress your way in the gaming world.