A Man’s Guide to Denim Fashion In 2021


Every man has to own a pair of denim pants in his wardrobe. Besides, what’s fashion without denim anyway? Denim is the one style that never seems to die since 1873, thanks to Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. You will find denim from the streets to the runway and red carpet events.

That’s why you need to retain that pair of blue jeans and maybe get more. However, to look sharp in your comfortable and durable jeans trousers, you need to pair them up with something else. Worry not! Our guide will take you through the fresh looks to look sharp in 2021.

Read on.

Slim Jeans

Slim jeans offer a great deal between comfort and fit. Besides, this is the ideal pair of jeans for beginners in denim fashion. Why? This type of jeans will follow the contour of your legs nicely, fitting not to strangle your bottom half. Sound pretty decent, right?

Remarkably, slim jeans give you the freedom to pair them up with anything such as casual shirts, casual suits, and fitted tees. There are some cases where you find men with thicker legs around the calves and thighs find the slim jeans tighter. Therefore, it would help if they went for a bigger size while remembering to adjust the hem and length to fit.

With slim jeans being so popular, you will get them almost anywhere and for any budget; cheap to expensive brands.

 Selvage Jeans

This is the raw or unwashed but better version of jeans with natural and flawless edges. However, there’s a notable difference between selvage and raw denim. Raw denim is the general trait of material finish, while selvage is the fabric’s outer/top edge. What’s more?

Selvage is usually more expensive due to its unique and stylish characteristics, including the red stitching on the inner hem. To pair your selvage denim this year, you should do colored shirts, suits, denim jackets, and even tees.

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Straight Jeans

Straight jeans mean a regular cut where the trouser legs fall straight from knee to hem. This way, the leg opening and the fit are loose, and then the calf, thighs, ankles, and knees are a constant size. Most brands produce straight jeans, but the difference will be in the riveting and or fly design to stand out from the rest.

So, the best way to pair your straight jeans for a relaxed look is to have something loose on the top. Better still, match your straight denim pants with denim tops such as denim shirts, denim jackets, or even knitted jackets. You can also have a loose sweater. Remember to be consistent whereby your top matches your bottom.

Skinny Jeans

The skinny fit is a popular denim style among young lads in different fields. These jeans have a design with a cut close to the legs. But there’s some room not to feel as though your legs are choking. An admirable feature about skinny jeans is that they make the wearer look taller due to the thinning finish from top to bottom. They are ideal for the slimmer guys as they seem to fit entirely rather than the plump guys who would look as though they hold uncomfortably tight.

Smart casual looks will be a perfect match for your skinny jeans. For instance, try collared shirts, knitted sweaters, casual blazers, bomber jackets, and tees. You can even accessorize your casual blazers with a tie to bring up the look a little bit.

Super Skinny Jeans

These jeans stick to your legs like glue hence require courageous ones. The high elastic level blended in cotton makes this type best suited for tall and slim men. Same as the skinny jeans, the proportion will not be right on large guys.

They are usually a favorite among the rock stars, hence pairing them up with a strict casual look. The best tops for these super skinny jeans will be tees (preferably white), buttoned-up shirts, and a pair of Chelsea boots. Always remember to keep it casual even if you decide to have fun with the top patterns.

Bootcut Jeans

While some would term these jeans as out-dated fashion, they are still in abundance in the market hence worth mentioning. They have narrow from the thigh down to the leg but widen or taper out at the bottom area. This way, they allow you to have your pair of boots fit comfortably underneath. At first, they were just for functions, and a must wear with boots, but as time changes, people have interesting ways of wearing them without the boots. However, this is not comfortable wear; hence you should be cautious of how to pair up. Read on.

It would be best if you had them on with muted trainers and a casual shirt. For the trainers, you can have them with a tee or a button-shirt. Do not forget the boots.

Accessories with Jeans


If you want to have a tie on with your jeans, try these;

  • Knit ties
  • Woven ties
  • Skinny ties
  • Cotton or wool ties
  • Ties with a thick texture
  • Ties with a nonglossy surface
  • Exciting patterns and colors like the floral ones

You can also consider a bow tie in the same fabrics.


Belts are in different styles and materials. However, for a cool denim look, try the monochrome braided belt. You can still shop around for more ideas of belts as long as you remember to keep it casual.


You should have a stylish but not stuffy watch. For instance, a rubber watch would be perfect with a graphic tee. Also, metal and leather straps can work well with jeans. Leather is usually more official, though a rough, leather strap is a particular case. This is because it looks outstanding with a jagged outfit like jeans.

There you have it! Learn how to rock your jeans pants with the above ways accordingly, and you will have your name up the stylish men’s list of 2021. Besides, even Fridays at work are for casual wear hence the need to relax from the ‘suity’ office days.