Avoid Missing A Shoot When Playing Any Pool Cue Games


The cue game is an exciting game that can pass off away the stress from your body after working activities. Besides, you can engage in the game in your leisure time while enjoying the moment as it goes. You could be a professional cue player or someone that plays the game for fun.

Whichever categories you fall to, there is always one constant phenomenon when playing the game, which is missing a shot.

Snooker or cue game deals with you, shooting the primary white ball against all other balls on the pool table to pocket the balls in the board pocket. It might sound easy, yes it is, but at some point, your game might be in a tight corner where you would have to play the best of your game. More so, you must know how to make use of your pool rod properly to avoid missing the target always, as this will affect your game performance. Predator Pool Cues produces excellent cues for your snooker games, which come in various tip treading and effectively aid your gameplay. Besides, these shafts are made from carbon fiber, with high precision and professionalism, giving you an edge over the game at any instance.

Missing shot in pool games is something you need to evaluate and learn to eliminate from your game at all costs. This is because the more you miss a shot, the more you tend to lose the game to your opponent. The more you hit your target balls, the more you create chances for yourself to win the game with a straightforward approach. However, missing a shot shouldn’t be considered a bad thing or a sign that you aren’t good enough for the game. It should be used to improve your games and learn new tactics to avoid missing shots always. Analyzing and using these methods as a learning experience will help you improve your feedback learning method while playing and avoid constant shot misses.

Some Reasons Why You Can Miss A Shot

Getting Mad During The Game

Most often, your opponents use some statements to demoralize you while playing and mess with your emotions. If you considered these statements right, you can easily lose focus, get mad during the game and miss many of your shots. More so, you, as a player you might get upset at yourself for missing a shot, which, if you do not let it slide, might affect your game playability and can, in turn, affect how you shot at balls on the pool table. You must understand that it is natural to miss shots, as professional pool players also miss shots. However, you must consider this as a learning method to improve your shot methods and understand how well you can shoot at balls better.

Whenever you make any mistakes, you should move on quickly and focus on the next shot to get it better to avoid the previous error to get to you. Once you have struck the cue ball, the ball’s outcome hitting other balls is out of your control; it might be affected by the board’s smoothness. More so, the terrain of the board, dirt, wind, and other environmental factors can affect the cue ball hitting the rest balls. All these factors can contribute to you missing your shot. At this point, you master your emotions and ensure you work more on your emotional controls to avoid it, causing future failure when playing the next shot. Whatever the reason is missing, the shot must be improved on and learn from it as a mistake that can progress your gameplay.

What Is The Reason For Missing The Shot?

If you could replay your actions while playing the shot and analyze the factors contributing to the shot missed, it would be easy to identify the reason. An excellent way to go is to record yourself while playing and watch later to learn from these mistakes. You will be able to see many videos of yourself and easily identify the reasons you are missing your shot. It might be based on your standing position or the shaft you use in playing, or the board itself. This action will also make you self-aware while playing, which would help you pause in considering every shot you are about to make. However, some players are unwilling to accept that they lack the necessary skills to help them make a better shot, which is a great struggle for them to understand their weaknesses. However, they continue with the old way of playing, stick to the same thinking method, and are not ready to improve their gameplay skills to avoid missing shots. Some of the reasons you miss the shot will be listed below to understand yourself as a player better.

  • Difficulty In Cueing The Ball. There might be a cushion affecting the cue ball you are about to hit, which can easily cause a shot miss.
  • Environmental Pressure. Say that shot counts on winning the game, or you are a new player; being pressured to deliver a better match can affect your shots and result in missed shots.
  • Bad Mechanics. The pool game is defined by many mechanics, including your stance, eyes, hand, grip, the position towards the balls, and many more. Having a bad combination of mechanics will affect your gameplay and increase the possibility of missing the game.
  • Unwilling To Change Position During The Game. The majority of players are somewhat comfortable with a position and do not want to change their location to better shoot. Your position can significantly affect your shots’ outcome, and your result is determined by how well you position yourself for the game.
  • Difficult Pot. In some instances during the game, you might be faced with the game’s difficulty, which you might have to engage in a long shot against the balls across the board. You might also face the challenges of only potting your balls into a single closer pocket, which might affect your target ball.
  • Issues With Your Equipment. You might experience bad cushions, kicks or miscues, and lots more.
  • Overrating Your Skills. Another issue you might face while playing the pool game is overestimating your abilities and believing you can hit any ball. Indeed, confidence in yourself is good and exciting, but over expectations can cause you to miss many shots.

Playing Your Games Correctly And Playing At Your Best

What if you are told that you might miss your next shot, you might believe that is a lie. Most snooker players are always out there to learn new skills and how to play better. Seeing the gap between your skills and hoping to improve them will help you develop better and give you a chance to play much better while reducing your miss shots. There are also differences between your aspirations of gameplay and your current realities of gameplay. Although this doesn’t make it easy to accept missies, it should push you to get better as a player. Shot miss still hurts because most often, they aren’t expected, and this can damping your morale for the game, especially if it is at a crucial stage of the game.

Generally, for every shot, you attempt there is an estimated chance of you hitting the ball. The success rate of hitting the ball is then determined by many factors that can either be under your control or not. Playing at your best is dependent on your skills and experience on the game, while playing perfectly can be dependent on the game type and the environment you are playing at. Knowing your history with this kind of shot can help you determine the shot’s possible success rate. As for most players, the shot can be classified as either hard or easy or impossible for them to hit the ball. Basing your judgments on these factors can help you determine the possibility of winning the game.

Your Sucess Rate At The Shot

Your past difficult shot’s success rate is significant, and it is an excellent mechanism to determine how successful you are in shots. Someday you would have become an advanced player, and you can easily choose the success rate of the shot you are about to put through. Subconsciously you can easily take off your mind from a shot as you know the success rate might be very low. Growing in experience with this stage would help you finetune your game and become a better player. Besides, knowing your previous shot rate during games would help you with your decision-making and going from poting the ball to playing safe. Knowing your success rate would allow you to pre-calculate your opponent’s moves and understand his/her shot success rate in determining the possibility of winning the game easily or not.