Best Ways to Spend Time Outdoors


Are you thinking of how to spend your free time outdoors? With the busy daily schedules, one longs for the weekends or at least a day off work. Outdoor activities are a great way to spend your free time. These activities are mentally and physically essential to your well-being. You can choose to relax and unwind either alone, with family or friends.

Luckily, Mother Nature offers plenty of options to enjoy the outdoors. Well, and of course, your savings will save the day for better activities and places to visit. Because planning is essential, you need to have ideas about the possible actions to indulge.

Below are ways to consider spending your time outdoors.


How about fishing? Well, great things come to those who bait! This is a source of livelihood for some people, but it can also be recreational to enjoy with friends and family. If you work miles away from home, fishing is a great outdoor activity to bond and catch up on the golden times with family. Amazingly, you can have your children join in the fishing spree.

Remember to bring a complete set of fishing tools for a successful activity. Sitting on the boat or by the lakeside waiting for fish to hook on the bait is both relaxing and fulfilling. . Because the wait can tend to be long at times, be sure to bring few cans of cold beer or soda.


Camping is the ideal way to experience nature in its full richness. Watching the stars and moon at night, out in the wilderness is a sight to behold. It’s a joyful moment to spend with your loved ones outdoors, even children. Camping can also be an educative session as you also get to teach your kids how to pitch a tent.

Moreover, you can engage in other outdoor games while camping. Try having a bonfire and sit around with your loved ones for some storytelling or games. Undoubtedly, this is a fun way to pass the night before retiring to sleep in your respectful tents.

“If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.” Bill Watterson.


Combine fun with exercise. Hiking is an ideal way to have fun outdoors and exercise at the same time. You get to walk for miles, enjoying the incredible scenery of nature, and drop some pounds as well. Hiking is even more fun when you have company. You can plan to go far and for some days while you camp, or merely a short distance, and come back home.

Moreover, as this is just no ordinary walk, you cannot don jeans and office shoes. Make sure you get appropriate hiking gear, preferably from an outdoor apparel brands store. The right hiking gear gives comfort for walking even the longest distance.

Beach Fun 

The truth is, happiness is simply a day at the beach. The ocean breeze has fantastic effects on the skin and puts your mind into a comfort zone. Going to the beach is an exciting outdoor activity that leaves you mentally, physically, and spiritually rejuvenated. A weekend or more days away to the beach gives birth to a whole new you. You can decide to go solo or with your loved ones—besides, the more, the merrier.

Luckily, the beach comes with a package of fun activities to engage in. for instance;


Whilst swimming is fun, it is also a great way to stay fit and healthy and makes friends. The beach is always full of people hence many friends to make. If you don’t know how to swim, you can learn and continue with the new skill for a lifetime. Swimming is a low impact exercise but involves the entire body and mind. Also, swimming is a great fun activity for all ages; thus, bring your kids and grandma along to the beach. Swimming has different styles, but the common ones are; freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and sidestroke.


Surfing is also another way to enjoy your beach fun moments. Surfing is riding waves uprightly using a surfing board. Surfers glide across the water surface until the waves weaken and disappear. If you are no pro in surfing, you can learn the sport on the shallow ends of the ocean. This is advisable to avoid accidents in the deep blue sea. Nevertheless, surfing is an activity for different purposes like recreational, physical, and competitive.


The best type of diving in the ocean is scuba diving. It is a form of underwater diving for recreation or professional purposes. Scuba diving allows you to enjoy the beautiful deep underwater scenery, sea creatures, and vegetation. Because you cannot breathe underwater for a long time, the scuba apparatus enables you to carry your air. This way, you will be in no worry or hurry to lose breath underwater. As exciting as this may be, you need to learn scuba diving safety tips before embarking on the activity.


If you have a water phobia, there are other fun activities to enjoy at the beach. Camel riding is a great way to view the shore slowly. Take a leisure stroll at the beach on the back of a camel. The traditional camel-ride enables you to enjoy life on the beach in a slow lane. Make sure you have a professional camel guide to control the camel as you enjoy the ride.


Are you thinking of a fun outdoor activity with significant returns? Try gardening. Gardening is a fun activity to enjoy with family. Aside from being inexpensive, it also brings out a sense of responsibility.

Perhaps, you own a farm away from home. Why not plan a weekend getaway as a family to the farm for some gardening fun. Even your children should help around the farm, supervised, though. This way, they get to learn a lot about organic methods and sources of food. Gardening is not only fun but educative as well. Not to mention the benefits you will all reap when it is harvesting time.

Gardening with family also acts as a bonding session. The good thing is you can make it a routine to visit and supervise your plants’ progress. You can plant trees, flowers, and even vegetables. Gardening also helps you save some money instead of buying from the grocery stores always.

Plan a Cookout

Another great way to enjoy your summertime is by eating outside. Barbeques never get old. Plan a day to meet up with family, friends, or neighbors for a cookout. You can have the barbeque in your backyard or by the poolside. A cookout can either be of full board meals of just meat fest, depends on your preference. Children can also take place in the cookout like collecting litter afterward, welcoming guests, and even cook under supervision. A cookout enables bonding and getting to know each other, especially in a new neighborhood.

Go on, stir up one of your boring weekends, and plan a cookout.


Who said sailing is only for pirates? Sailing is not something you wake up and indulge, but it needs planning. Enjoy beautiful sceneries on a thrilling sailing adventure with your loved ones. You can choose to sail on a dhow or go the significant way of a cruise ship. Go out of your way; decide to enjoy seeing the world from the water rather than the usual road and air means of travel. However, this is a unique outdoor activity that is costly. But what are savings for? You only live once!


At times, simplicity makes a significant impact. Break the norm of lazy weekends indoors and go for a picnic. Enjoy the company of loved ones on a Sunday afternoon picnic. You can decide to have a picnic in a quiet but scenic environment or entirely in the park. Pack some foods and drinks enough for everyone or you can decide on who brings what along for eating. Picnics are a great way to sit around and bond while enjoying home-cooked sumptuous meals.

Volunteer for A Community Service

What’s better than giving back to society? Plan a day off work with friends and decide on the best way to give back to the community. You can decide on collecting litter in your neighborhood, wash cars for the elderly or even outdoor games with the kids at the orphanage. We should all strive to make the community a better place for everyone. The ideal way to show that is by leading by example. Better still, you can plan an event to raise donations for the orphanage. An outdoor event like swimming competitions, roller skating, and even dance competitions can be ideal for bringing people together for the right course.

Summertime is a major opener for outdoor activities. Rather than curling up on your couch with a bowl of popcorns ready for a movie, choose activities that enhance personal growth while outside. Besides, the sun, nature, moon, and the stars are free if you choose your site wisely.