Birds Of Prey Creates a New History in The Genre Of Dc’s Good Action Movie


Ever thought that a breakup can be so tragic and dangerous at the same time that it can travel to the extent of putting a big target on the character’s back? Well, DC or Detective Comic’s Birds of Prey is all about revenge, right actions, and strong acting skills revolving around the breakup of Joker and Harley Quinn.

All about the Buzz

The long-awaited comic book film starring actress Margot Robbie as Quinn and actor Jared Leto as Joker has hit the theatres in the new February of the year, and the movie has already snatched the crown of DC’s first good action movie. It is also unique because of its female-driven action flicks that is a unique challenge to the stereotypical male-dominated film. The movie strives to depict through an animated prologue, the history or story of how a psychiatrist like character fell for Batman’s most notorious villain, none other than Joker. Here are some reasons behind its gaining this proud title and a short overview of the movie for those, still unaware of its plot.

The plot of the Movie

The movie Birds of Prey centers around Harley signified a bold character from “Suicide Squad.” Who in the scenario, breaking up with her long term lover Joker, whose protection had kept away the fellow criminals and cops from her. It is evident in the statement of Black Mask, the character played by Ewan McGregor, who in the movie stated that he could then quickly kill Quinn as Joker was no longer there around as a protective shield. His possessive crime like eyes are enough to make the audience shudder, and as he expands his corner in the Gotham City Underworld, it is clear that Quinn has to undergo some real hardships to escape his clutches. So in an attempt to save herself, Quinn acts as volunteering to locate a diamond that got stolen from Sionis in exchange for sparing her life. The black mask also steps further down when he hires a hunter in Gotham to achieve the diamond anyway. Frequently, it prompts us that he would, however, murder Quinn at some point.

Attractions that will catch you

The entire movie flows through a complicated series of events that led Quinn and Joker’s abusive relationship to come to an end. But if the audience takes it as a mere portrayal of the two protagonist’s break up story, then they might be severely mistaken because the movie might revolve or be based on their breakup incident. Still, it comprises a whole lot of things that can bar features of the stereotypical action movies, thus evolving into something entirely fresh and innovative. Birds of Prey was needed much to eradicate the mundane elements of comic movies like presenting heroic victories, happy endings to introduce something new to the audience.

You will get goosebumps to watch how a breakup can lead to so much revenge and danger to the person, entirely alone in the path of her life with the sudden separation from her long time partner. Not even in our wildest dreams, we had thought that ending a relationship can also cost our lives! We are stunned to see how Quinn has to strike deals to protect herself from people and gangsters threatening her life, once she is not in the protective arms of Joker.

Thrilling actions in the movie

Now comes the move, which has helped the film earn a brand new start as the best action movie in DC. Talking about the activities, Hollywood is already ahead in producing and staging awe-striking actions that keep the audience glued to the theatre chairs. But how are Birds of Prey unique? Here lies the answer. This is the first movie starring so many superheroes capable enough to earn a pretty good amount within a few weeks.

But the director Cathy Yan has still focused brilliantly on the actions inducing some eye treating moments like pink and blue shaded air smoke fillers, car chasing on roller skaters, and fire glitter bombs. The outstanding role played by each character is worth mentioning, and perhaps the most integral factor needed for making a movie stand out in the crowd. Robbie’s talent for physical comedy is worth mentioning, and every character has showcased their skills as actors. This proves the smooth choreography and coordination in presenting a comic modern superhero cinema, and amalgamating it with such modernized action scenes signifies such a brilliant idea. Though for those who are well familiar with Harley, this movie leans into her “Lisa Frank but with murder, but is more preferable than the stale Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Worth-a-watch movie of the year

Moreover, a movie needs enough time to include all the features required to own the label of a good film. But in Birds of Prey, in just one hour and 47 minutes, the entire crew has managed to provide every element like funny moments, messy and cathartic and breakups, etc. The movie is an excellent initiative of the director, who had probably planned to create a film with the all-female superhero team. Not any, but only those who have already appeared in several comic books earlier! In a way, so that, it showcases how a girl emerges stronger and overcome the boundaries after she meets the realization to live alone, without the partner.  Reality hits hard when the audience watches the movie through the perspective of Harley Quinn, similar to the nonlinear voice of Tim Miller’s “Deadpool.” This was indeed needed because if you are a fan of “Suicide Squad,” you must have long desired a movie solely based on Robbie, that is the character of Quinn. You will know that your prayers have been listened to when through the entire film, the other characters will strive to snatch the limelight, but Harley has already achieved it by her bitterness, bold attitude, and flawless role-playing.


To conclude, the movie Birds Of Prey has managed well to change from the familiar weak action scenes of DC and emerge into an intense action film.