Canon Announces C500 Mark II Camera To Be Available in December 2019


Building on EOS C500, Cannon has declared the next-gen Cinema EOS camera, the EOS C500 Mark II camera. Until now, full-frame cameras were manufactured by companies like Kinefinity, and Z cam. Cannon is the first renowned manufacturing company that has released a full-frame digital camera in the form of C500 Mark II camera.


Digic DV 7 Processor

Canon C500 Mark II uses the upgraded Digic DV 7 processor in addition to 5 Digic 5 processors used by the C700 FF camera which is expected to improve the performance of the camera.

Sensor Operation modes and stabilization

Canon C500 Mark II camera contains a sensor that is 17×9 and is 5.9K full frame at 5952 x 3140. Canon claims the sensor to offer over 15 stops of dynamic range. Although the sensor is 48 lines shy of full 6K camera, it supports readout and operation in 3 modes: Full frame, Super 35 mm to originate 4K / UHD standardized production formats in crop mode and Super 16mm lenses (with an adapter) to originate 2K / HD production formats in crop modes. It supports 5 Axis sensor stabilization, which will enable the user to capture all minute details when shooting.

Automatically receives Focal length data

Canon C500 Mark II camera automatically collects the focal length data when a lens that supports data transmission is attached to the camera – thanks to the optimized Electronic IS. You can manually input the focal length if you attach a lens that doesn’t support data transmission.

Weight and Dimensions

Canon C500 Mark II camera weighs approximately 1750 grams making it easy to carry around. With dimensions, of153 x 148 x 168mm, the C500 Mark II camera is equipped with a button style and layout that any Canon cinema camera user can use. Canon hasn’t radically altered the camera design as well appearance-wise, although it has been designed to be more modular than the prior EOS cameras.

Recording capability

C500 Mark II camera offers 5.9K Cinema RAW Light and 4K 4:2:2 10-bit XF-AVC recording. At 5.9K and 4K resolution, C500 Mark II camera can shoot 60 frames per second while when dropped to 2K resolution, the camera can shoot up to 120 frames per second.

The recording time of Canon C500 Mark II camera in the Cinema RAW light mode at 2.1GBPS is 30 minutes, at 4096 X 2160: 1 Gbps: 65 minutes and at 2048 X 1080: 250 Mbps 270 minutes.

The recording time of Canon C500 Mark II camera in the XF-AVC/MXF mode at 4096 X 2160: 810 Mbps is 80 minutes while at 410 Mbps is 165 minutes. At 2048 X 2160: 310 Mbps resolution, the camera can record for 215 minutes while at 160 Mbps the recording lasts up to 425 minutes.


Canon C500 Mark II camera comes with an LCD LM V2 4.3 inch touch screen. Also, the camera comes with a 0.46 inch 1.77-megapixel OLED electronic viewfinder. Cannon also offers two extension units that help the user add more connections and ports.

Pricing and availability

Canon C500 Mark II is scheduled to be available on December 2019 for an estimated price of $15,999.