Coronavirus is the New Black: How a Virus Is Taking Over the Arts


Coronavirus has become a common household name. Everyone is talking about it, and there is no single market that hasn’t been affected by it. While some cases have resulted in adverse effects, others have brought about changes that might just become the new norm. It is no surprise that something that has the entire world’s attention is a target for crafts, bringing life to a whole new category.

It didn’t take long for the virus to sweep across the globe, causing a halt. Everything was focused on the virus, leaving a good portion of the nation in lockdown. With more time on everyone’s hands, people began to get crafty, finally able to have that little extra time they always needed to do little things they’d always wanted. If it wasn’t for the purpose of getting crafty, there was an increase in the number of people that wanted to help others around the world experiencing a shortage of supplies, especially masks. There are even a few crafters making it their mission to pump them out in large numbers, working day and night to make as many as possible to help those in need.

Online Opportunity is on the Rise

The fact that scares of the virus and its severity have people staying indoors is a massive opportunity for stores with a robust online presence. Online markets and stores have seen an increase in sales since the global pandemic, essentially changing how businesses and individual artists market their crafts. This change is said to remain, creating a whole new way of shopping.

Before the pandemic, buyers were already turning to online purchases, with retail as we know it was slowly coming to an end. This turn gives a particular advantage for artists and crafters, able to showcase their work to a larger number of people. With the right marketing strategy and social media presence, artists are becoming famous overnight, sometimes unable to keep up with the great demand for their unique products.

We are still not close to returning to the normal way of life, with many of us utterly unsure about what the near future will bring. Things like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations are now celebrated digitally, lacking the closeness of some family and friends that are nearest and dearest to us. When you can’t be there physically, unique and thoughtful gifts from the heart are the net best thing. While there are many custom sites out there where you can choose your design, we’ve seen some of the best illustrative artwork on cards at

Gifts from the Heart

Customizing was already becoming a big trend in arts, as consumers backed away from run of the mill gifts and looked for those that could convey a special and memorable message. Big brands like Coca Cola and Nike had beat crafters to the punch, giving everyday buyers a chance to choose the product they wanted. Nowadays, it’s also a way to commemorate the unique situation that we are all in, with several buyers using humor and hashtags for a quick lift and perhaps a coping mechanism. It is no longer a wide-open and empty field for the starving artist, which will undoubtedly revolutionize the art world.

Apart from the obvious heartwarming sensations that are sure to emit from the receiver, artists are also appreciative of the support, as each sell allows them to keep doing what they love. Corporations are not the ones suffering, benefiting from recent government bailouts. Those who are left with the burden weighing heavy are up and coming artists, as they are struggling to make it. Purchasing now, you’re contributing to those who are creating the very things that we will look back to as the years pass us by.

Freelance and unknown artists had been shaking up the art world before, using unique SEO techniques to use social media to their advantage. Galleries and shows were decreasing, with people turning to the web to get their art fix. This art purchasing movement mixed with the rise in people surfing the web nowadays means that artists have a chance to make it more than ever, and who would’ve thought it would be a virus to start it all. 

Tips for Artists Finding their Way During a Global Pandemic

If you’re an artist and currently affected by the virus, get back in the game and potentially boost your sales with these four tips.

  1. Create something with a trending theme

Hashtags are significant if you know how to use them. Of course, the virus has taken over, leaving this as the underlying or current theme of today’s latest pieces.

  1. Make a killer website

Websites are a showcase for your artwork. Many times, it is the first impression you will make to your audience and will either capture visitors’ attention or turn them away, likely never to return. Now’s the time to make your digital impression; create wisely.

  1. Promote a virtual art show

Art shows have always been a way for artists to show off their work. It brings people together with interest in the topic and allows the artists to interact with potential buyers. A virtual art show can do just the same, mainly if it is marketed correctly.

  1. Make social media your best friend

Social media is a great way to reach the masses without having to spend a dime. It is free marketing and, if you play your cards right, can make you the next social media superstar. Social media has long been used by artists to showcase their work, and now, it is more important than ever.

Art evolves just like any other market, with certain events causing a thematic boom. The sensations, portrayed through visual and written pieces, often tell a story. Nowadays, as we attempt to make sense of these times, art will depart on its journey, freezing emotions and sensations in time that will one day tell about this unique time in history.