Enclosed Car Shipping


Some people also refer to Enclosed car shipping as covered car shipping; some use these words interchangeably because they both mean the same thing.

If you are just hearing about this and you will love to learn more about it, this article will give you a breakdown of what the benefit of using an enclosed auto transport service entails. Enclosed or covered car transport is a method of transporting automobiles in a fully enclosed trailer. The trailer has a roof and four sides, making transportation of cars safe and very secure.

The trailer used for covered car transport can carry about 7 or 8 vehicles, while the open transport trailer can carry up to 12 automobiles, which isn’t because of the difference in the sizes of the campers. Although both trailers are usually of the same size, the covered car transport trailer can carry few cars because of its enclosing walls.


The Cost Of Covered Car Transport.

When choosing the type of car transport you want to use to transport your car from one location to another, you might have a second thought about choosing the enclosed car transport method mainly because it costs a bit more than the open car transport.

The higher coat for the enclosed transport method is backed up with a good reason which will, in turn, grant you great benefits if you use the enclosed c, in turn, port. The explanation includes but is not limited to; the enclosed transport trailers come more fuel because of their increased weight; also they car fewer cars compared to the open car transport trailers and lastly, the market for enclosed car transport is tiny; hence the demand is higher compared to the companies that offer the service.


Factors That Influence The Cost Of Covered Car Transport.

Many factors influence the price you have to pay for an enclosed car transport service. One of the significant factors aside from the distances you want your car to transport to is the location; if you want your vehicle to be transported to a rural area, that will cost you more because the traffic to the rural site is not much.

Another factor that influences the cost of enclosed car transportation is the time of year in which you want your car to be transported. Generally, a cars’ vehicle during winter is more costly than transporting your car during summer.

Other factors that are considered are the weight of your and the car modifications. To know the exact cost of transporting your car using the enclosed transportation method, your best bet is to reach out to a transportation company that offers that service.


Benefits Of Using Enclosed Car Shipping.

When you want to ship your car from one location to another, whether your car is luxury, custom, or classic, your best is to cover used shipping mainly because of the benefits you will enjoy. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Guaranteed safety.

When you use the enclosed car shipping service, your car gets completely enclosed in the trailer, making it invisible to the public. When you are transporting a luxury car, and you use open car shipping, this will attract many people’s attention during transportation. However, not all attention is bad then you have to care, so you don’t attract the wrong kind of attention.

  • Stress-free.

The entire process involved is stress-free, you don’t have to worry about anything from the moment you drop your car at the company for shipping to the delivery point your car is in good hands, the fact that the car is enclosed you don’t have to worry about your car getting dirty during the process of transportation.

  • Almost protection.

When you use the enclosed shipping to transport your car to wherever you want, your car is protected from rain, snow, sunlight, dust, and so on. Your car is kept as clean as when it was picked up from you throughout transportation.

  • Shipping of multiple cars at once.

If you are looking into transporting your cars in their numbers, enclosed shipping can arrange that for you. For example, I can ship as many as 7 cars at once.

  • Great to ship low clearance cars.

Suppose you know a low clearance car and love to ship your car to a particular location. In that case, open car shipping is not advisable mainly because of how the available shipping trailers are constructed. Instead, the enclosed car shipping method is the best option because the enclosed trailer has extended racing ramps and hydraulic lift gates; this helps to quickly load and unload your low clearance car.

  • Increased car insurance coverage.

If the car you intend to ship is worth more than $50,000, it is advisable to use the enclosed shipping because the insurance coverage is higher.

  • Experienced auto carriers.

The processes of shipping cars such as exotic, classic, luxury cars should involve expertise that has the knowledge required to carry out the shipping from the beginning to the end. People who operate in an enclosed shipping company are always well-trained personnel that render high-quality service to their customers, giving these customers peace that their cars’ situations hands.

There are situations when your best bet will be to use the enclosed shipping company to ship your cars.

These situations include but are not limited to:

  • When you are in a situation where it has a custom paint job, you want to have a shipping process that guarantees maximum protection for your car, and enclosed car shipping will be just
  • If you are also considering getting maximum security during the shipping process, the enclosed shipping company gives that.
  • Generally speaking, it is known to virtually everyone that the winter period is the best time of the year to ship your car, but in a situation when the winter period is your only option to ship, using the enclosed car shipping will protect your vehicle from the harsh weather condition as well as the sand and salt on the road.

Reading through all of the above-stated benefits of using the enclosed car shipping, you will want to use this shipping method when next you want to ship your car.