Enjoy The PS Plus Games For PS4 October 2019 For Free


Surely you are already aware of the free games this October 2019 that PS4 offers. Those users who have subscribed online to Sony PlayStation will have the opportunity to download games such as The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19, and for those who did not know, do not worry, here we will provide the information they need.

There is very good news for users of the Sony online service. During the month of October, all PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download three great games for PS4 for free, although one has not yet been revealed, we think it is Wizards Tourney. And the best part is that it follows the good streak of great titles last month!


The Last Of Us Remastered

The first of the free PS Plus games of October is none other than The Last of Us Remastered, the PS4 update of one of the best PS3 adventures, developed by Naughty Dog, in which we immerse ourselves in an apocalyptic world whipped by spores that cause a lethal mutation, accompanying two memorable characters, Ellie and Joel.

Joel, an already mature guy, who lives at the beginning of the Cordyceps virus outbreak, which transforms the people who breathe the spores into violent beings that detect the sound. Joel seeks to survive in this new post-apocalyptic world, where resources are scarce, and almost everything wants to see you dead. Joel is engaged in an adventure to take Ellie, a girl immune to the Cordyceps fungus to the base of the fireflies, where we must get around different dangers for the desolate areas of an almost destroyed world.

The Last of Us was a change of registration for Naughty Dog, who opted for a more raw and mature adventure, and for a protagonist duo who crossed the screen to become two eternal characters, who moved like fish in the water between different genres, from survival horror to pure and hard action or stealth.

It was one of the first remasters of the current generation (updated on the technical games of the previous generation), including along the way the entire DLC, such as Left Behind, and in including new features such as a camera mode, the option to block the fps or improve the resolution or even include a hint with the comments of the team.

In this great game, you can see many more things about how is the friendship between Ellie and Riley, considering they had a little hectic life from the beginning and where Riley discovers new information about her origin, so they both decide to escape and now must go through moments that will affect their lives.

We believe that this epic adventure will entertain you but if for some reason you missed some part of this story, now you have the option to see more details in its second part, including its release date that is scheduled for February 21, 2020. You can now book The Last of Us Part II so don’t miss it!

Now you can see for yourself that it is one of the great exclusive PlayStation, and now it is even better to get PS Plus free for PS4. And that, not to mention its powerful and fun multiplayer.

MLB The Show 19

This month you can also enjoy the MLB baseball simulator known as The SHow 19. PS Plus gives you the opportunity to enter a historical competition and win a full title recreating unforgettable moments in your own home!

If you do not follow this sport closely or you are not familiar, we tell you that MLB The Show 19 is like FIFA’s baseball. Here you will find the formidable stadiums, teams and real images. It is a complete and very entertaining game even if you are not a fan of this sport, you will see that you will love it.

And if you are already a baseball fan, we recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to see the legends of this sport as Babe Ruth again. MLB also gives you the opportunity to play against baseball stars and can take your team among the best positions in the league. Play the most important games of the season and win titles in a short period of time.

On the other hand, you will also have the option of creating your own player and messing with the best of MLB with Road to the Show, even playing against the most important figures in the Powerful Dynasty.

And we must say that SDS became generous for users who download and log in to the MLB game as it will give them content for the entire month of October, celebrating that it is the first time this game is on PlayStation Plus. You can redeem your five free packages that include a diamond player and equipment for your player-created on Road to the Show, and enjoy it completely.

You must hurry, both games can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for the entire month of October and will run until November 4.

Finally, we want to remind you that PS Plus users will also have the opportunity to access another game for free, such as the Wizards Tourney under the seal of PS Talents. This game can be played by up to 4 players in a local mode where wizards from different parts of the world are the main characters with different powers. Your task will be to demonstrate that you are the most astute in a series of competitions, testing your powers.

We also have the rewards of the PlayStation Plus Rewards program, which in October will consist of a 20% discount on Mara Clothes textile products and a 20% discount at the Boxify gift shop.

In addition to an updated alignment of monthly PS4 games, members have access to benefits such as online multiplayer, 100 GB of cloud storage to save PS4 games and exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store.