Entertainment Industry on E-Commerce


Entertainment is on another level lately, thanks to e-commerce. But first, let’s go down memory lane.

In our grandparents’ times, radio and TV were the primary medium of entertainment that drove people crazy. The TV was black and white and aired only limited shows. In those times, viewers had no option but to wait for when the presentations began. People loved all the shows and not because they were entertaining but because that’s all they had and they were new experiences.

Because change is inevitable, there had to be a shift in the entertainment sector. This is how it looked like from the old days to what we currently have;

  • Theatres showed freshly released movies
  • Television turned to colorful
  • Radios were updated and synced into mobile phones
  • SD cards emerged, allowing people to store songs on their phones for entertainment anywhere
  • The launch of YouTube in 2005 made video entertainment have a massive growth

Also, there was the arrival of the digital entertainment era that included Free live TV and Movies. Read on.


Influence of E-Commerce on the Entertainment Industry

An Age of on-demand Entertainment (Movies, Sports, News, Series, Music, And Digital TV)

When growing up, there was Analog TV. But as the digital era is taking over everything, the analog changed to Digital TV. This new change offers wide screens and high-definition resolutions introducing a better experience.

Things got better when entertainment became mobile. With better internet packages and smartphones, people can watch whatever they want anywhere on their phones. The entertainment industry earns very highly from smartphone users.

In the news industry, newspapers and news channels have been legends for decades. While there are still people fond of them and not outdated, you will notice the emergence of companies investing in apps for people to stream news online. These apps are for people interested in information but only at their comfort, and they continue to increase day by day.

Music is another vital component of e-commerce entertainment. With music apps, you are likely to see their ads on all platforms, thanks to Spotify. The music streaming apps are also making a considerable killing for the entertainment sector. What’s more?

The sports industry is also on board in streaming online. Sports online can be either the sports channels with their apps or Over-The-Top (OTT) start-ups that provide streaming apps online. With streaming apps, you can get LIVE sports actions or on-demand videos from major sports channels that are shaking the industry.


Growth of Screen Time

Because people are learning more mediums of entertainment, they are spending more time on the screen. Besides, consumers tend to spend more time on their mobile devices than watch TV.

While the numbers of people on mobile are likely to increase, businesses with this target audience are likely to make huge sales. Such companies include:

  • Those developing game apps.
  • On-demand apps.
  • Social media apps that keep people glued on their mobiles for extended periods.

Moreover, the new Smart TV allows you to connect from your smartphone to watch your favorite shows, series and play on big screens. This new TV era has become popular among many people because it can record missed shows for your convenience when connected to compatible devices. Well, cheers to no more running around trying to catch your favorite show on time!


Segmented Movies and Series

Remarkably, the e-commerce entertainment apps understand their audience that they segment the (UI) user interface and (UX) user experience.

While people may argue that it’s the brains behind such apps, the main idea is why people love and stick here. It is because of the automated UI and UX. Some apps allow you to create profiles for different people. This way, movies will pop into each profile, matching the needs and experience of the owner.

Moreover, the segmentation is also based on language, genres, and past viewing history. This will also generate suggestions for the following movies suitable for you. Therefore, such personalization makes the e-commerce entertainment apps a huge success hence accessible in most homes.


Role of E-Commerce in Entertainment

It is redefining the entertainment sector. People are finding entertainment way better than it was years back. However, the gone days did not have people pay to watch TV, radio, and music. Everything entertainment was offline.

  1.  Conversely, people are now paying to watch digital channels or get apps for entertainment purposes. This way, if you want to watch a series on a particular app, you have to download the app. Still, if you’re going to watch ahead of everyone, you have to pay.
  2. E-commerce is a new means to sell entertainment. For the gurus in entertainment, this is a bonus as it presents new ways to sell. You can create series and movies then collaborate with on-demand streaming providers to have your content reach your audience. Moviemakers are also using this platform to list their films. This way, they get to earn even if it’s an outdated movie out of theatres.
  3. Moreover, it gives a new mode of connection with users. There was a time when reputable brands and businesses cooperated with YouTube and social media influencers to interact with their customers through various channels. They are now using entertainment to connect with their clients, especially when businesses record significant losses due to COVID-19.
  4. Also, it encourages the use of the subscription model. with a subscription model, you can provide your services to the customers who only pay for them. Such unique paid services guarantee a lasting business. This is because the subscription models;
  • Ensure a better customer experience. Besides, it’s your money!
  • Outdo competition
  • Earn customer devotion

You will find nearly most business in entertainment following the subscription model.

  1. E-commerce provides the entertainment sector with a new means of earning from ads. Most times, when you are watching a steamy movie or series, you will experience an ad right in the middle of the film. These ads are a source of enormous income for on-demand streaming companies. Advertising on streaming apps is a wise approach because they have many users that’s brands can directly reach their target audience. Besides, ads offer significant profits compared to the subscription models.

Causes of Increase in Online Entertainment 

  • First, viral marketing on social media and other platforms has been a significant way of attracting customers to online entertainment via streaming service providers. These OTT streaming service providers put the right content on social media, including videos, memes, images, and GIFs, to increase engagement and subscription members.
  • Also, the demand for personalized content is driving people to online entertainment. Platforms that allow users to add different profiles and personalize them are booming in the online entertainment sector. This is because people want to decide on what to watch at what time. Still, regarding their history, they get suggestions of what’s new that is similar and trending.
  • Binge-watching is also a significant cause of online entertainment’s traffic. Have you ever watched a series that keeps you hanging until the next episode for a long time? Thanks to online entertainment, you can always download the entire series and watch it all at once. Still, if you lack time to watch, you can pause later, close to retrieve from the archives later, and download for offline purpose.
  • Thanks to the change in time, people are now more open to watching global content. Most people subscribe to streaming providers to access international content on movies. Earlier, TVs would only show global content via global channels. But, that became challenging because people in the same house differed on what to watch. Moreover, mobile entertainment gives you all the freedom to watch what you like and pay for it.
  • Also, there is more demand to spend more on home entertainment, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the stay-at-home rule, many people are looking for ways to keep busy in their homes. Therefore, entertainment has hit a high level of demand, especially online entertainment. People want to keep their minds off the fear and panic caused by coronavirus; hence watch movies and series all the time. With this demand, more people are subscribing to choosing the film they want to watch for all people. Besides, this is high time to finish all the series you had on your listing.

The luckiest lot is today’s generation. With the constant growth of technology, people can enjoy limitless options of entertainment, specifically online entertainment. Even though this technology has changed people’s minds and habits on new business approaches, it has also impacted how people spend their time.

Because they have a significant chance to spend their free time at home, there’s nothing as attractive as submerging into the world of online entertainment. While the whole world remains uncertain on the next move or occurrence, one thing remains constant; entertainment. Besides, it has new ways of approach due to the new world order but still ensures to meet the clients’ needs. At this time, it is evident that entertainment is the main reason for sanity.