Get Your Craft On! With These 2020 Trends, You’ll Want To Check Out


The world is getting craftier. Every year crafters throw the world for a loop, introducing new trends that captivate spectators. More people are jumping joining in by the day, putting their style into an exquisite DIY piece. The sensation of watching project progress and admiring the finished result is perhaps the reason why the trend has caught fire and spread with help from the World Wide Web.

While 2019 showed us some ever-lasting trends, 2020 is expected to bring about a completely new era of crafting and DIY ideas that are sure to light up your creative spark! Get your wheels turning and start getting crafty in this while new decade.

The Startup

As we said, the world is getting craftier. They are turning to these projects as a form of expression, putting a bit of themselves into every piece. These can be customized by taste and by the trend, giving people unique additions to their homes and offices that are tailored to their liking. For this reason, crafting kits are becoming a thing. The market has surged, with craft kits of all styles and all patterns and pallets to help DIYers make any idea come to life.

When asked about the trend and its impact on both the market and crafters, Dayna Johnson, a judge on NBC’s Making It, reported a 33% increase year after year, taking the sales to all new heights. They also took a look at Etsy, a.k.a. Crafter’s heaven, where they saw a surprising increase in the number of searches with tags like ‘new’ and ‘beginner.’ People are making 2020 their year to get crafty, starting off with an all-inclusive kit.

Starry Night

There is nothing quite like a starlit sky. Crafters have admired its beauty and seemingly infinite stretches to infinity and beyond, attempting to mimic small portions. We are referring to constellation crafts, a booming trend that begins in 2019 and is expected to blast off in 2020. There has been an increase in the fabrics used to capture the deep galactic blues of deep space along with stencils that line up with popular and well-known constellations perfectly. When paired with a string of lights, these nighttime scenes create a soothing and artistic backdrop that is perfect for an out of this world experience.

A Taste of Home

Quilts have a tinge of sentiment in every stitch. Our grandmothers and their mothers and grandmothers would use this as a pastime and sit for hours on comfy couches chatting and sewing fabrics together for a cozy winter companion. A mixture of fabrics and patterns mingle to create a portrait of memories that work as a perfect heartfelt gift or an added piece of décor for any room in the house.

Searches on Etsy for both quilting tools and quilting materials have seen a significant increase. An increase in searches for patterns accompanies the growth. One specific is the Wife-Made Lovebird quilt that is known for its beginner-friendly and straightforward structure.

Colorful Prisms

Stained glass made a comeback a few years ago and has taken the market by storm. 2020 will see all new patterns and shades coming together to cast gorgeous colorful splashes of light when it meets the sun. These are great crafts for all ages and come in a variety of levels and complexities.

Johnson claims that searches for stained glass tools have doubled along with the search for kits of all kinds. This is not expected to go anywhere, with complicated and broad patterns making an appearance as the popularity and creativity grow. This trend has leaked over into others, now with blankets, pillows, and other household items with stained glass designs displayed on them.

Therapeutic Crafts

We have all seen this right in front of our eyes. Stores are now crawling with ‘adult coloring books,’ which in the crafting world are known as paint by numbers. These are simple and relaxing and come in a wide variety of designs and color patterns. It allows those coloring to disconnect, the only concentration of filling in the numbered spaces to reveal a unique design. Some patters are intricate and can take hours to complete, while others are simpler and just for fun.

The trend made a massive leap at the end of 2019, spilling over into 2020. Johnson claims that searches have more than quadrupled, jumping 444%.


With the growing concern for the environment and its health, this is a trend that is here to stay. We are talking about eco-friendly crafts, popularly known as up-cycling. DIY publishers are getting creative in this niche, taking unused and items left for the dump and turning them into tasteful art masterpieces. Not only the craft itself but all the materials used are gravitating in this direction. It is trendy to find recycled materials and tools like paper and scissors. The more conscious the world becomes about the state of the environment, the more these types of crafts are said to increase. It is safe to say they will keep their spot on the hotlist from now on.

Get your Craft On!

This is the best time to jump into the world of crafting. There are amazing trends that are popping up and are here to stay. You could add your touch of creativity to any and every project, leaving friends and family stunned at your tasteful makings. Even if you are a beginner, the starter kits have evolved now filled with everything you may need besides your own added flare!

Perhaps the most appealing thing about crafting is the ability to call it your own. You put your mark on any craft throughout the process. Watch, and it grows and transforms right in front of your eyes into a beautiful and unique piece that was crafted with your own two hands. 2020 has already started with a bang, and the number of those getting crafty is only expected to grow. Make this your year to stop only saying you will do it and do it!