Golf Cart Dimensions: How Long Is a Golf Cart?

golf cart size variations

Knowing the golf cart dimensions is key when picking the right one. People often wonder, “how long is a golf cart?” This info is useful for many things, like steering on a golf course or finding storage space. Let’s look at the different lengths of golf carts and why they’re important.

Golf carts’ lengths matter, whether you’re using one for fun or work. We’ll look at the various sizes and shapes they come in.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand essential golf cart dimensions to suit both professional and personal needs.
  • Insight into how golf cart dimensions impact functionality and storage.
  • Learn about different sizes available, aiding in making a more informed purchase decision.
  • Gaining knowledge on how long is a golf cart to plan for transport and space requirements.
  • Explore how variations in model types affect the overall length and usability of golf carts.

Understanding Golf Cart Size Variations

Selecting the right golf cart means knowing about different sizes and shapes. The choice you make will impact how useful and comfortable the cart is. We’ll look into the various sizes and possible seating options that change the cart’s length.

Average Dimensions of Standard Golf Carts

To pick the best golf cart, it’s key to understand the basic sizes. A standard two-seater golf cart is typically 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. It varies in height, usually standing about 6 feet tall. These measures are important for fitting in your space and using it well.

Impact of Additional Seating on Golf Cart Length

Making space for more people in a golf cart means it will get longer. For each extra seat, you’ll add about 2 feet to the cart’s length. More seats mean less maneuverability and a need for more storage. This change makes the cart bigger in all ways.

Extra seats not just add room but also affect the weight limit. You’ll need a stronger engine and more support for the added seats. This changes how the cart is built and what it can do.

ConfigurationStandard LengthWidthAdditional Length from Seats
2-seater8 feet4 feet
4-seater10 feet4 feet+2 feet
6-seater12 feet4 feet+4 feet

How Long Is a Golf Cart: Measuring for Transport and Storage

Knowing a golf cart’s length is key for moving and storing it right. It helps fit the cart in trailers and saves storage space. This is important for keeping things organized and hassle-free.

Strategies for Measuring Golf Cart Length

Use a standard tape measure to get the golf cart’s length right. Start from the front’s farthest point to the back’s. Keep the tape at the same height for correct measurement. Digital measuring tools can also help for precise readings.

Transporting Golf Carts in Pickup Trucks and Trailers

Picking the correct pickup truck or trailer is crucial for moving golf carts. The vehicle’s inside should be a bit bigger than the cart. This ensures enough space for safe transport. Don’t forget to use tie-downs and ramps for security.

Storage Considerations for Personal Golf Carts

Storing a golf cart well begins with knowing its length. This helps you choose the right spot, like a garage or storage area. Covering the cart keeps it clean and shielded from the elements. Make sure the space is safe, and there’s enough room around it for getting to it and letting air flow.

Below is a comparative table showcasing common storage types contrasted by their suitability based on golf cart dimensions.

Storage TypeTypical Dimensions (ft)Suitable for Golf Cart Size (Y/N)
Single Car Garage12 x 22Yes
Carport10 x 20Yes
Outdoor CoverN/AYes
Shed10 x 15No

Measuring for transport and storing golf carts

Compare and Contrast: Major Brands and Their Dimensions

Choosing the right golf cart is key. You should know what sizes various known brands offer. This part shows how major brands like Club Car, E-Z-GO, & Yamaha differ in size. It helps you pick based on what you need.

Club Car91.5 inches47.25 inches68.5 inches
E-Z-GO94 inches47 inches70 inches
Yamaha93.6 inches47.3 inches70.2 inches

Looking at these sizes shows how each brand meets your needs and how well it fits or stores. The slight differences in height and width may change how it fits in storage or moves around a golf course.

  • Club Car carts are often small, fitting well into tiny spots and for easy storage.
  • E-Z-GO models are a bit bigger, offering more room and comfort.
  • Yamaha finds a good balance, giving a bit of both worlds.

Your choice among these top brands greatly depends on what you’re looking for. It might be for personal use or for rough terrains. This comparison is very important for buyers.

Major Golf Cart Brands Dimensions Comparison

Accessorizing and Modifying: How Upgrades Affect Golf Cart Dimensions

Enhancing your golf cart means thinking about the changes in size. Lift kits, bigger tires, and extra storage can make your golf cart look and work better. But these changes might also affect how you store it, what you need for covers, and how you move it around.

Lift kits lift the cart off the ground. This can change where and how you store or cover it. Bigger tires make the cart wider and sometimes longer. They need more space to turn and park. Adding rear seats or cargo baskets makes the cart longer. This affects what you can add and how you use space.

It’s important to understand how changes affect your golf cart’s dimensions. With a clear plan, owners can tweak their carts to meet their needs. This way, you merge better features with your lifestyle. This keeps your golf cart working well, even with the upgrades.


How long is a standard golf cart?

A standard golf cart is about 94 inches long, or 7.8 feet.

How does additional seating affect the length of a golf cart?

Adding seats can make a golf cart longer. The change in length depends on the seats you add.

What are some strategies for measuring the length of a golf cart?

To measure, use a tape or ruler from the front to the back. Include any extra parts like extended bumpers in the measurement.

Can golf carts be transported in pickup trucks and trailers?

Yes, you can move golf carts in pickups and trailers. Use special ramps and systems to load and secure them safely.

What are some storage considerations for personal golf carts?

Consider storage space, weather protection, and keeping it safe. You can store in a garage, use a cover, or a storage unit made for golf carts.

How do the dimensions of major golf cart brands compare?

Brands like Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha have different sizes. Compare their sizes to pick the best for you.

How do upgrades and accessories affect golf cart dimensions?

Adding things like lift kits, tires, and baskets changes a golf cart’s size. These can make the cart wider, higher, or longer. Think about this when you want to change your golf cart.

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