How Long Does It Take For Lashes To Grow Back?


Ever wondered why we have lots of strands of hair retrieved when un-clogging a blocked shower drain? This is simply because every day, unknowingly, we lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair, most of which is lost when in contact of soap and water.

This loss of hair also applies to our eyelashes. It is estimated, that we lose up to five of our natural lashes each day!!! So, the questions begs, how long does it take for lashes to grow back once they fall off?

On average, eye lashes take between six to eight weeks to grow back once they drop-off; a period scientifically termed as the anagen phase. This is the first in a three-phase part in the 5-month life cycle of the growth of an eyelash. The subsequent two phases are the catagen and telogen phases.

However, one can experience a delay in the anagen (growth) phase of natural eyelash growth that can be attributed to:

  • The general health of the individual, with healthy individuals having theirs grow back faster whilst members with compromised health (e.g. cancer patients under chemotherapy) having theirs taking a longer time. The loss of more than usual eyelashes is known as Madarosis and is more attributed to an underlying health problem of the individual.
  • The age of the individual, with older people having longer periods to replace their natural eyelashes than their younger counterparts.
  • Damaged hair follicles as a result of the eyelash being removed via use of excessive force.
  • Improper application of cosmetics such as mascara and eyelash extension. Proper application of cosmetics does not hinder the growth of natural eyelashes, contrary to popular belief.

There are many myths out there doing the rounds regarding the negative effects of eyelash extensions that hampers the natural growth of eyelashes. Only the above-mentioned factors affect the natural growth of eyelashes.


Proper application of eyelash extensions

Be it the Mink, Silk or Faux Mink eyelash extensions, only their improper application has a negative effect on the growth of natural-growing eyelashes. This is because the underlying principle when setting up the eyelash extensions is to have the appropriate eyelash extension gauge glued alongside the natural eyelashes. Once the natural eyelash drops-off as part of the normal exfoliation process, the eyelash extension also drops off leaving behind the natural eyelashes.

Also, despite aligning the length of the eyelash extension to the natural eyelashes, it is also important to match the thickness too. If the extension selected is too heavy, then it will put on more pressure on the natural eyelashes and cause premature shedding off. A selection of silk lashes as extensions ensures that this balance is achieved since they are the lighter of the three eyelash extensions.

Another aesthetic faux pas that can have a resultant adverse long-term effect on the life span of natural eyelashes is to have stickies. A sticky occurs where two or more natural hair is glued onto an extension. As explained in this article, there are three distinct stages of eyelash growth.

Since these two strands of hair are always on different growth phases, the hair strand that is on the growth stage has its progress hampered by the hair strand that has already finished the growth phase. When the hair strand on the more advanced stage falls off, it also affects the progress of the other attached strands causing premature shedding. This results to a thin residual eyelash.

When the beautician fails to place the glue correctly to stick the extension not only on the natural eyelash but also onto the eyelid skin, a scenario known as a nail head is inevitable. As the hair grows, it pulls the glue stuck on the eyelid to come off. In the process, any baby lashes around are pulled away thus hampering the natural replacement of old eyelashes. This scenario also causes a lot of irritation.

All horror stories that depict fails in eyelash extensions are as a direct result of poor implementation of the eyelash extension. Any competent beautician should first conduct a health analysis of their client’s hair prior to commencing with the engagement.


Lash Maintenance Techniques

Eyelashes undergo the same life cycle as normal scalp hair. As a result, best results to have them rejuvenate is by application of some lash enhancing serum with hair growth stimulating components. This also aids individuals who have their eyelashes thinning and stifling due to old age.

A dietary boost can also improve the nutrients required for the eyelash growth. This should also double up to boost the growth of scalp hair. A diet rich in Vitamin B and D will come in handy.

One can should also consider stopping the use of curlers. As the eyelashes are curled, yes they enhance once beauty but pro-longed application of this technique breaks down the hair cells that are naturally meant to be elongated. Eyelash curlers should be used on a need-to basis.

It also helps to ensure that make-up is removed slowly especially if you are one who wears make-up daily. Vigorous wiping out of make-up ends up breaking one’s natural eyelashes. Also, some are prematurely plucked from the eyelid causing damage in their roots. This destroys and weakens the foundation structure for support of any baby eyelashes. This results into a situation called thinning, where one has little or no eyelashes.

Over hundred of years, beauty is a much sought after attribute. One aspect of beauty is the eyes. Long and thick eyelashes are not only a sign of good health but also beauty. It is because of this backdrop that the art of extension of eyelashes is practiced globally. It is therefore of benefit to not only know how to go about this art and technique but also know what the bare minimums in this trade are. Keep in mind, we don’t want to go blind whilst at it either.