How to Always Look Stylish


Many people keep stylish secrets to themselves. Well, who wants to look like everyone else in the streets anyway? However, these secrets are not as hard to reach as mining diamonds. As long as you have an eye for good fashion, you are on the right track.

Besides, we all have that fashion icon we admire in the way they dress. Aside from desiring to be like them, it would be best if you also tried to have a unique style that shows off your personality. Lucky for you, this article will take you through several tips to look stylish every day.

Read on.


Be Prepared

Being fashionable is not as difficult as many people believe. However, putting up a stylish look hurriedly can give you results that will make you think otherwise. The best way is to spare some time every night and pick out an outfit.

Ensure that you sleep when prepared with what to wear the following day. This will save you an unnecessary rush in the morning and an embarrassing look throughout the day.


Search for Inspiration

Inspiration helps you solve half of your fashion battle. Look for inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and even fashion magazines. These are some excellent fashion sources that will show you what is trendy and what is not.

If you are not very self-confident about what to wear or style yourself, this is the ideal option for you. It will push you in the right and stylish direction.


Shop Around

Everybody has several styles that they love and feel comfortable with. However, always wearing the same old styles makes you have a limit of options. Even better, you need to shop around for new styles and try new things.

In shopping around, you will come across new styles that can turn out to be your new favorite. The best thing is to shop in great stores that offer good quality and a variety of styles. Even better, when you shop at, a percentage of their profit goes to charity. Besides, what’s better than helping and lifting those in need and still get to be fashionable?


Dress According To the Weather

While deciding for an outfit to step out, respect the weather. Always look at the weather report before you leave the house to place your expectations properly. Remember that a rainy day will need shoes that walk in mud, clothes that will not take long to dry and always carry an umbrella. Well, a sunny day will require the opposite of what you should have on a rainy.


Always Accessorize

Accessories are an excellent way to boost your style. Luckily, to have that chic look doesn’t require you to go all designer. You can have a pair of nice jeans and a simple t-shirt. Your old look gets a bold new look that people will not notice if you had a repeat of clothes with accessories.

Also, remember that less is better when it comes to accessories. Accessories are for complimenting your look, so choose the best accessories and keep them minimal.


Keep Occasion in Mind

Avoid dressing blindly but for an occasion. If you look at the most stylish women around, you will notice that they always dress as per the occasion. Their look is fitting and polished, considering the dress code of an organization.

If you are uncertain, ask around for the proper dress code to not feel out of place. Dressing as per the occasion will always make you look stylish any day, anytime.


Proper Innerwear

Nothing speaks as loud as your innerwear, even though it is hidden. That is why to be stylish; you need to wear well-fitting innerwear every day. Proper innerwear has a major impact on the final look of your outfit.

For example, wearing a bright color inner-wear with light tops is a necessary general rule to put into consideration. Also, for those who feel embarrassed about their big tummies, it would be best of you to wear and shaping innerwear to tuck the belly in and give you the desired shape.


Classic Never Dies

Despite the change in times and trends, the classic will always remain classic. Besides, you will realize that fashion always goes back to the classics trending again. So, no matter what people say, wearing a classic will make you look stylish any day anywhere. All you need to do is style it up in a chic way to set a fashion trend for others.

Luckily, you can always find classics in retail stores and even online.


Right Pair of Shoes

A person who wants to be stylish all the time will understand that style is beyond clothes. You can be fashionable in your accessories and shoes. Above all, shoes are a major way to mark your style.

Your choice of shoes tells more about the same way as your clothes. Besides, why do you think shoes cost so much? To stylish with shoes, consider the occasion, the look you want people to see, and the level of comfort.

For instance, if you plan to attend a dinner party with friends, consider slipping on some stilettoes to match your little black dress. Conversely, if you are going for a dance party and planning to break your bones for the major part of the night, wear some comfortable flat shoes, preferably closed to avoid people stepping onto your toes frequently. Besides, you know how painful that can be.


Maintain Clothes in Good Shape

If you take fashion seriously, you will respect your clothes. This means that you are unlikely to find clothes scattered across the floor after use in a house of a woman who is fashion-sensitive.

Caring for your clothes will give you peace of mind without the constant need to worry about whether the clothes you plan to wear are in good shape or not. If any zipper is stuck or buttons missing, you will be prompt to take them for repair.

Also, always read the labels of the clothes. These care labels will instruct you on properly washing, dry, and iron for your clothes to be long-lasting. Besides, some clothes cost an arm and a leg, so you want to wear them for a long time for good service.

To be stylish is a task, but it needs you to have a good sense of fashion and an open mind. This way, you will have unlimited options to play around and maintain a great style every day.