How to Effectively Match Your Fashion Accessories


Your desire to have a good taste for fashion is not enough. You need to know how to perfectly choose the fashion accessories to bring your fashion to your desired taste. When the glossy magazines are done bringing to your attention the latest fashion trends around the world, you should pick from there and settle for what fits you best.

But how do you pick ideal accessories when you don’t know much about matching accessories with clothes? Worry not. Here is a guide on perfectly matching the fashion accessories that will leave you looking like the model you are.

Use a Full Set of Matching Accessories Only if they are all small in size

It is not news that some people find it a little bit too much wearing beads, bracelets, earrings, and rings coming from one set. Their take may be right but just only partially so. When the collection of accessories you want to wear from a single set are all small in size, then you can easily put them on without the fear of ‘over-wearing’ your accessories.

For bigger accessories, though, you may want to reconsider the idea of putting on a full set of accessories. Even the weight of carrying them around your body may overwhelm you in the long run.

Who Said Your Handbag’s Color must match that of your Shoes?

While it has been a belief for a long time that matching your handbag’s color with that of your shoes is a true fashion definition, the truth today dictates otherwise. Today it is common to see fashion models striking a contrasting color between their shoes and the handbag. You may want to carry a handbag with a contrasting light tone if you are going out with brightly colored shoes.

Limit the Number of Large Accessories to between 3 and 4 Accessories

A single outfit you are wearing out can have a few large accessories blended in between. However, you should not allow more than four accessories into the mix. And even the four you are planning to include in the mix should match each other in color, style, and the material they are made of like the ones you can get at Benefico original accessories.

Pick your Priority and make it Shine

When dressing, you may be tone between making the dress, the makeup, or the accessories shine or stand out. Well, this confusion may end up costing you if you do not make a quick decision early. You should know what you want to stand out in your entire outfit, then go for it and make it the best.

If it is the accessories, give them a unique touch that they won’t go unnoticed, do the same for the makeup or the dress, depending on what you settle on. However, you should avoid stressing on all three simultaneously, as this will give a not-so-appealing outcome.

Avoid Thick Rings on Short Fingers

Thick rings are a preserve for those with longer fingers. If yours are short, you should avoid them at all costs as they are likely to cover most of your fingers, making them ‘shout’ their presence too much to the extent of boring the eyes.

Let Your Gloves’ color match something else in Your Outfit.

In cold weather or when going out for an event that demands you wear gloves, please make it your desire to match your gloves’ color with any other item in your outfit. This is the time to check your belt’s, shoes’, or even lipstick’s color and then pick a glove of the same color.

It is excellent to match the gloves’ color with those of the little outfits like the belts and shoes and not the blouse, jacket, or dress.

Match you Cultural Accessories with Neutral-Colored Clothes

Most cultural accessories have a lot of beads or threads, which are a mixture of several colors. You do not want all these colors to get into the mix of the bright colors you may have in your outfit. Therefore, to avoid mixing too many colors in your outfit, you should resort to your closet’s neutral-colored clothes.

Stay Away from Black Shoes if your Outfit is a Pale or Pastel Color Shade

Pastel or pale colors are also mainly known as tints or shades of original colors. For example, a blue color mixed with some significant amount of white to make it lighter is known as pale blue. If you are considering wearing such an outfit, then black shoes should not be an option for you. Pale colors go well with shoes of pale colors. Dark colors do not work for pale-colored cloths.

Preserve the Scarf for Smaller-Collared Clothes

You may like to add your scarf to your outfit in that cold season for additional warmth. However, if you are putting on an outfit with a large collar, you do not need to add a scarf wrap around the huge collar. If you must put on something beneath your collar, let it be a light kerchief which you should wrap around your neck and beneath your outer clothing.

Watches don’t go well with Evening Dresses

We know you love your designer to watch so much, but there are just outfits you can’t wear the watch with. Your evening gown or dress is not the ideal outfit to go with your watch, whether you are going out for dinner or a party. You should rather preserve the wristwatch for business, urban or sporty types of outfits.

Fashion trends keep changing with time, and you have to keep up with the pace if you want to be noticeable in the fashion world. Continuous research and seeking relevant updates from your fashion designer will help you remain on top of your fashion game always.

Sometimes, you do not need to buy new clothes, shoes, handbags, or accessories to keep up with changing trends. It would be best to modify some of these fashion possessions you have to suit the current fashion trends.