Importance Of Comfort In Children’s Clothing


Clothing is one of the significant three basic needs of life, as it helps keep the human body warm, also protects from harsh weather, and aid good a trendy look. Today, the children have become a section of customers to the clothing industry. A lot of attention is drawn to children’s clothing and how well they should be designed for the optimum comfort of the wearers. It is glaring to all, the new level of care and unique designs that can be seen in the children’s clothing world.

Although in the past years, parents only considered their children’s clothes as functional aspects of their life’s leaving it as a piece that covers the child’s nakedness and protects from bad weather. However, in the present day, there have been a lot of desires geared towards dressing up children in more fashionable ways and rocking matching outfits with their parents. Besides, the focus of fashion developers has been more concentrated on the men and women’s world. Aside from this, only a small portion of the fashion store is dedicated to the kid’s clothing, and the fashionable one is quite a few.

However, with the increase in the demand for kids’ fashion and continual growth of kid’s fashion, several brands have been trying to create a new fashion line that is tailored towards the kid’s needs. New kids categories that have never existed in the past have been springing up gradually from different cloth brands. Designers have also learned to focus on the simplicity of the new fashion for kids while bearing in mind the comfort and durability of the children’s clothing as there are several categories for the clothes.

Children Classification Based On Age Range

Children grow in stages, and they tend to follow the same habit pattern whenever they are in the said age circle. Most importantly, there is different clothing that fits their present age which makes it difficult for the designers to produce a one size fits all for children. Generally, children are grouped with consideration to their age into infants or babies, toddlers, and children. This age categorization helps their parents select the types of clothing that would fit them and how well it will protect their bodies while making them fashionable.


This age is for babies who are below two years, and they are mostly crawling or trying to touch several things in the house. Basically, their clothes are in the categories of 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months. One of the notable things in the age range is that their head is not strong enough to stand on the neck. With this in mind, the clothing you are to select for children in this age bracket should have a wide neck opening, while you should also pick up the material that suits the weather condition. It means you need to select either thick clothing or thin clothing, and sometimes they should be lightweight and soft materials.


As children grow up, they increase body weight size and height. From the age of two to eight, they are referred to as toddlers, while they tend to lose out some excess fat in the body due to the increased metabolism in the body and engaging in more energetic activities. At this age, they regularly have overgrown their clothes, and there is a need to get new ones as soon as possible. The slimming down process undergone as a toddler is quite apparent as the waistline shapes out, and the regular protruding stomach goes in gradually. Gradually the infant features decrease day in day out as the kid grows up.

Young Adult (Children)

Any kid that is about seven years of age and above is considered to be in the children category. Basically, children grow rapidly in this age bracket, and they tend to change clothes more often. Clothes manufacture has come to the realization that the acceptable level of height intervals is 6 cm, which is also believed to the average growth of a child per year. Considering this fact, they have been able to design clothes that fit them for a good number of their children’s growth years. As a parent hoping to shop for new clothes for your children, you must take note that the increase in height observed in any category your kid belongs to is much that the overall body growth that takes place in a one year circle. At this point, when you are hoping to get clothes for your children, you must consider the entire body growth rather than focusing on the height alone.

Basic Requirements For A Child’s Clothing

Centrally, there are some important needs that are required of a child’s clothes which must be put into consideration while you are shopping for this age group.

Ideally, infant’s clothes should have some features that are listed below;

  • Comfortable, soft, and easily worn or taken off when needed.
  • The clothes should be made in a form that can easily access the baby’s nappy.
  • It should be nonflammable as much as possible.
  • It must be lightweight.
  • The clothes must not be irritating the child’s skin.
  • The clothes should be able to transmit sweat from the baby’s skin to the environment.

Aside from the fashion aspect of children’s clothes, there are several categories their clothing falls into, and this would help you determine which type of clothes you are buying when they require new clothes. The categories of those clothes include Daywear, Nightwear, Casuals clothes, Party wear, Uniforms, High fashion wear, Sportswear, Fibre, Yarn, Weaves.

Indeed, the manufacture’s design of these categories is different from one another, and to understand how you can get the right set of clothes for your children, it is important you check out kid’s clothes directories.