Joker Is Back


Fans of the onscreen Adaptations of Comic Books are quite meticulous on the depiction of their favorite characters. That’s what creates a buzz around the upcoming Joaquin Phoenix starring in Joker. This Joker defies to fit the shoes of the conventional Dark Knight villain that we’ve seen.

All about Todd’s Joker

Joker is much more than a Batman comics’ Antihero. He’s one of comic’s legendary sinner with quite a handful of portrayals on Big Screens and televisions in the past. It’s been 30 years since Jack Nicholson first brought the Crown Prince of Crime alive in Tim Burton’s directorial film Batman. Later Heath Ledger delivered an award-winning transformation into the demented felon in the movie Dark Knight.

This time it’s three-time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix, who is ready to portray the sinistrous crook on the big screen. This film will sketch Arthur aka Joker’s metamorphosis from a nugatory buffoon to Batman’s home city Gotham’s notorious villain.

Todd Philip’s directorial movie is a story of a comedian who suffers mockery and dismissal at the hands of Gotham townies. Eventually, taking his revenge on the society masked as the Crown Prince of Crime.

Director’s Take On Joker

Director Todd Philips is aware of the treacherous side to his directorial, yet states that there’s always going to be a new Joker. In a statement that came out, Todd said that critics will always be there.

However, he is positive from the fans eagerness to walk down the lane never taken before. But he played safe by reassuring fans that there will always be a revival of the character of Joker. And this spin-off is not the end of it. So if it fails to please the fans, they need not worry as the Joker will have a recreation.

In his sit-down with Los Angeles Times, Todd quotes Spider-Man as an exemplary comic character who has had a revival multiple times. Todd said though Sam Raimi’s franchise ended with Spider-Man 3 yet the savior was reborn in Amazing Spider-Man films.

What Is The Final Trailer’s Calling?

We stand behind Philip’s reflection on Joker being a multidimensional persona having the ability to stretch in a million directions. The trailer’s quite evident that being the method actor he is Phoenix has turned to skin and bones to fit the character.

Phoenix’s depiction of the iconic Joker’s sinister laugh steals the show. Joker is going to be a delight for the fans this fall after being overwhelmed with all the sci-fi releases this year. It’ll be a sight to watch whether this $55 million comic adaptation breaks all box office records or becomes the biggest disappointment of the year.

But the fans will surely have a nostalgic hit reminding them of Heath Ledger’s iconic portrayal of Joker. Nevertheless, fans 17 or under will have a heartbreak since the movie is R rated. Save October 4th to teleport back to the 1980s Gotham City and re-visualize it through Arthur Fleck’s eyes. And if you have missed watching the trailer, then it’s right here below.