Ralph Lauren Releases a ‘Friends’ Collection Inspired by Rachel Green’s Style

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It’s been 25 years since Friends charmed our TV screens. A luxury fashion brand is honoring one of the most appreciated characters of this offbeat sitcom. Rachel Green has been a fashion idol since 1994 and has been inspiring people ever since. Between her beautiful hairstyles and prominent style, it’s no surprise that a significant fashion brand would use her as their inspiration.

It’s been twenty-five years since we first initiated craving for the elegant style of Rachel Green. As every fan will be familiar with that, the fashionista worked at both Bloomingdales and Ralph Lauren during her ten years on the show. The two have now collaborated with Warner Bros on a collection that celebrates the working wardrobe of Green.

The collection is suitably named “The One Where They Wear Ralph Lauren,” very appropriate considering Rachel Green cast as a Ralph Lauren employee on the sitcom. Over the ten seasons of the show’s duration, she grows through hairstyles, boyfriends, and jobs including her bouncy rise to power at Ralph Lauren. But one thing remained stable: her iconic style.

Rachel always looked intelligent and flawless, but cool and sexy at the same time. This collection rings correct for her aesthetic. Fans will remember that Rachel worked at the company for about five seasons during the show. So, the collection is a proper acknowledgment to their most renowned (and fictitious) employee.

The Collection is Sleek Work Wear Essentials Inspired by Rachel GreenNow, we can all guide our inner Rachel. Ralph Lauren has created a Wear To Work collection based on the character’s fashion sense, comprising of several unique ’90s and ’00s pieces of Green, given an update for 2019. The pieces derive from both Polo Ralph Lauren and Lauren Ralph Lauren, meaning that lots of are more reasonable than you might imagine, with prices starting at £120.

Staying true to Rachel, this collection does not mark any menswear pieces. This capsule wardrobe is a wide-ranging verse to one of the chicest characters there ever is. Ralph Lauren released a declaration in which they said, “The collection is a celebration of the brand’s role in the series.”

The collection consists of a modernized edition of the fashion worn in generally the latter seasons of the show. It consists of your basics, like sweaters, turtlenecks and suits, and a mix of stand-out pieces that appear to be straight from the show. Like the leopard-print coat that looks just like this one Rachel rocked and the plaid skirt, which is redolent of Rachel’s A+ mini-apron game.

Indeed, the other characters’ influences are apparent in the collection too. The patterned maxi-skirt is very Phoebe and are we sure this jacket isn’t straight out of Ross’s wardrobe? (We know these leather pants are.) A few of this item is just too good. Friends proved to be a perpetual favorite series for viewers more than the last 25 years. And this collection reflects Ralph Lauren’s eternal styles and archetypes that have continued a go-to for the contemporary working woman.

Advertisements for the collection made us miss our favorite Friends antics even more. Models posed at Central Perk, in the prominent Geller apartment, and on the couch, we all adore and miss from the sitcom’s intro song. These items appear they’re straight out of the wardrobe of Rachel Green (and perhaps even a dash of Joey and Monica’s, as well). So, if we begin wearing this collection, will we wonderfully get a friend group like theirs?

Where can you buy Ralph Lauren’s Friends clothing?

The collection will be flaunted at the location of Rachel’s very earliest big fashion job, Bloomingdales, where unique Friends 25th– anniversary installation will be in place. In addition to shopping Rachel’s Ralph Lauren clothes, fans will be lucky to grab a complimentary cup of coffee from a recreation of Central Perk. They can visit the department store’s third floor to spot a recreation of Rachel’s workplace.

However, if you don’t happen to be in New York for this very Instagrammable prospect, don’t worry. You can still buy pieces from the Rachel Green collection .

Tie-Neck Knit Sweater

This comfortable sweater is the ideal fall wardrobe staple.

Suede Medium Bellport Tote

We can perceive Rachel sporting this on her arm.

Pleated Wool-Blend Miniskirt

This vivid skirt is as brave as Rachel herself.

Cotton Turtleneck Sweater

This turtleneck is the type of quality fundamental that never goes out of style.

Bullion-Patch Corduroy Blazer

You can’t look cool in corduroy.

Wool-Blend Sweater Vest

Sweater vests give us all the ’90s reminiscence.

Welford Leather Bootie

These black booties will construct just about any attire look elegant.

Promotional shots for the line were taken on sets that replicated Monica and Rachel’s apartment to create nostalgia. True “Friends” fans will remember that Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, worked at both Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren. So it’s a nice touch to have both brands be involved in the collaboration. Ralph Lauren himself even had a cameo in the show’s eighth season.

After all, Green’s career in fashion played a role of its own throughout the sitcom’s duration. Viewers followed her style-centric rise to financial freedom through a stint at “Fortunata Fashions.” She worked there before becoming an assistant buyer at Bloomingdale’s and eventually moving on to Ralph Lauren. She worked there more than numerous seasons in spite of kissing her boss during her interview, dating her assistant Tag and fabricating an affair with Ralph himself. Lauren made a cameo for that episode.

Some stuff in the collection will set you back the price of a month’s rent (like real New York City rent, not “Friends” New York City rent). But there are some reasonably priced pieces, too. Check them out on the Ralph Lauren website. The collection is presently available abroad (you can glimpse more of the collection on the brand’s U.K website). There’s no official declaration as to when the items will be made available in Australia.