Some of the Best Movies of 2019


With the arrival of October, it is obvious that the three-quarters of the year is gone already, however, the 2019 movie season is only just getting started. You would believe that the first eight to nine months of this year has given a lot of movie enthusiast some gems and actions to visit the cinemas for. The simple idea is to provide you with a list of thrilling best movies of 2019, which will always be constantly updated and rearranged through 2019, whenever new ones drop and find their way to the viewer’s soft spot. There are a lot of interesting movies you can’t afford to miss, and definitely, you will find one or two movies that satisfy your desire. As a filmgoer, you would want to have a run-through on this list to be able to choose which movie you are watching next in the theater. Here is the dig right now.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Director: Stahelski Chad

The superposed promise of John Wick in chapter 2 was fulfilled against all odds he faced in chapter 3. From whatever angle you have decided to view the happening from John Wick stood by his words. The first 20 minutes captured how John Wick dispatches his foes in a furious knife through manner, ridding on a horseback through the streets of New York. With a danger like manner of approach, John Wick decided to dispense his fury in a more crazily manner and through an untamed concussive force. John teamed up with Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburene and Ian McShane, to avenge himself of the world assassins after his head. His designer suits and a big gun has shown the perfect combination by the movie director as the series counties to unfold. 

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Tarantino Quentin found his way back to 1969 through his dreams as the movie futures his real loyal stuntman, Rick Dalton and others. His obsession with the old pop culture and related activities generated into his inspirations which were a genius one. The Mason Family thought it was too soon to be in the destructive position they were all avoiding and it was already on their horizon. The celebration he had about the old times when the new moment was setting in got him to fight so hard to prevent the obsolesce of the actions.  (Star-making turns: the lithe Margaret Qualley as a Manson girl and little Julia Butters as an endearingly serious child actress who penetrates Rick’s shell of alienation.) —D.E.


Director: Petzold Christian

The time of Anna Seghers’s story which was believed to be a complicated one was translated and staged into a play with so much drama. The arrival of German refugee Georg with important documents that honor the author made him pretend to be somewhat famous. He leveraged on this to secure safe passage into the Mexican borders, meanwhile, the author’s wife has torn the city apart while searching for her beloved husband. The emotional and physical geography of the movie seems confusing, but then the film has proven potent to a whole lot of viewers.


Director: Jordan Peele

The combination of both horror and comedy concepts employed in describing the zombie film caught the viewers unprepared. The subterranean separation of the doppelgängers mystically portrayed by the writer and the movie produces a laugh and scary feature. Fans will always found a way to rewatch the great performance showcased by Lupita Nyong through his brilliance. The ending part of the fill went ahead and explains some certain concepts of the world and what to avoid. Generally, Us has been a controvertible movie which has found a way to create some unanswered questions.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The movie is a testimony about the efficacy in the power of human touch. The story showed how to friends who indeed love their hometown but has to undergo an uneasy transition life. Jimmie Fails had to fight so hard to reclaim his home which was built by his great-grandfather, by going to the extent of squatting with his artist friend, Although his obsession and attachment he had with the house did not make him realize the house was based on a long term lie passed down to generations. The magic of true friendship was observed with a bittersweet tribute paid to San Francisco.

The Souvenir

Director: Joanna Hogg

A toxic love was observed by Julie (Byrne) and cagey heroin addict Anthony (Burke). The young film student had found herself loving an older man who is fond of making a good compliment to self-serve the receivers. The drug habit later became a complicating factor for the two lover bird. Although Julie hard the intentions of making movies about the curiosity and dynamics of life around here but Anthony’s rage set him to a path of destruction. Eventually, Julie found her desire and her voice as the relationship was already doomed to fall apart.

Avengers: Endgame

Marvel did not only save the best for the last but also marveled at their fans and turned the whole cinema world upside down with the end game movie. The endgame features Thanos on a revenge mission and sealing his act. The actions of the electric superhero brought back a whole lot of damages wrought by Thanos on the superheroes. The effort put up by the combination of the actors to undo Thanos’s work was not easily achieved has it caused a lot of trials and dedications. The interconnection made between several independent movies was such an amazing effort by Marvel Studios. 

Escape Room

Bringing a group of strangers together under one roof, and employing the act of survival of the fittest and bravest into a hyperbolical lethal game. It was much more of a pulsed that needed to be solved before escaping each room than a horror movie that saw the death of each of the game player’s one after the other. Although the movie was released in the very first week of the year, it still made his way up and being recognized among other movies. The finale is so intriguing that you would be prepared to buy a movie ticket to see the film again.