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Censorship: Freedom with Limitations

Art in its true form should be the deepest way of expression. It should be left to evoke feelings in its audience, calling for...

U.S. Auto Industry under Siege: Calls for Visionary Leaders

The future of the auto industry of the U.S. appears to be dismal. Figures show a dropping demand this summer prompting Moody to carve...
fiat chrysler renault merger

Fiat- Renault cancelled merger and hopes for the future.

The merger deal looked great. The automotive industry was optimistic and excited. Fiat Chrysler (FCA) was going to merge with Renault and this was...

Avoid Missing A Shoot When Playing Any Pool Cue Games

The cue game is an exciting game that can pass off away the stress from your body after working activities. Besides, you can engage...

An Interesting Fashion Future For Plus Size Individuals

The world of fashion has transcended into catering for all individuals' sizes irrespective of their age and body type. Women are more likely to...

How to Effectively Match Your Fashion Accessories

Your desire to have a good taste for fashion is not enough. You need to know how to perfectly choose the fashion accessories to...

A Guide for Beginners on Online Gaming

How are you having fun during the COVID-19 stay-at-home and social distancing? With the entire world on lockdown, many people are finding ways to shorten...

Birthday Parties in VR Arcade – The New Trend

There are many new and engaging ways to celebrate a birthday in today's society. One trend is to have a virtual reality-themed party. This...