The Best Anime PSP Games for You!


So you’ve finally decided to buy a PSP. Well, there are a ton of great games to choose from, and we’ve gathered them all together in one place so you can find the perfect match for your needs. From anime classics like Naruto and One Piece to new and upcoming games like Bloodborne and Horizon Zero Dawn, we have something for everyone.


What are the best PSP games?

This post is the ultimate guide to all of the best PSP games. From fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Street Fighter X Tekken to RPGs like Final Fantasy X-2 and Kingdom Hearts II (anime), we’ve compiled a list that’s sure to satisfy anyone who owns a PSP.

You just need a free downloadable version of your favorite game, ePSXe. There are several ways you can get started:

Go here for an official download link of FFXII or an Unofficial download link to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

We recommend downloading both from these links since they provide an update on each game after release!


How to choose the right game for you?

Of course, many games on PSP are new releases. You might be tempted to buy a brand new game and install it right away, but the truth is that many games on PSP are also older titles that have been re-released for newer systems. Sometimes these older games have been modified to work well on PSP.

Some of the best games on PSP are:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Nintendo Wii) is a much loved and critically acclaimed entry in The Legend of Zelda series. It’s reminiscent of Ocarina of Time in many ways, with a fun story, beautiful graphics, and multiple mini-games for players to enjoy.

Bloodborne (Sony PlayStation 4) – An action-adventure game set in the 1980s.

Nier Automata (Square Enix PlayStation 4) – One of two action RPGs released during Sony’s E3 press conference at this year’s show. If you love RPGs, you’ll love this one!

Oddworld: New “n”-Retro Games Collection.


What are the best anime titles for PSP?

Anime is a huge part of Japanese culture. It’s not surprising that there are so many great anime titles for the PSP. Here at Anime-Planet, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best anime game for your PSP. From new series like Bloodborne and Horizon Zero Dawn to classic classics like Kanon, we’ll have something for everyone.


Check out our list of the best games for the PSP.

If you’re a fan of anime and video games, then you know that anime is all about Japanese culture, and that means reading the manga to get all your information. Manga is a great way to learn more about Japanese culture and learn what you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to cooking, building, or any other hobby.

A recent video we released showed how easy it is to find manga online by utilizing search engines like Google. We also incorporated a list of the best manga e-books for your PSP.

We expect that we will support you in discovering the perfect game for your PSP:

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

Super Mario Maker for 3DS

Undertale for Nintendo 3DS

There’s a ton of amazing titles for you to play on your little handheld machine. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of anime or manga, or a first-time player, we have you covered!