The Best Soccer Leagues in the World Explained


Soccer is a global sport that has players from nearly every country and several leagues as well. As a soccer fan, it can be hard to find the favorite choice due to the many options available. Still, everyone has their opinion of the best soccer league hence challenging to reach a consensus.

Maybe, statistical data would be an excellent method to conclude but using numbers to explain feelings, likes, preferences, and dislikes nearly impossible. However, the tastes and emotions are the beauty of soccer (North America) or football as the rest of the world knows calls it.

But how do you settle on the best soccer leagues?


Factors for Ranking the Best Soccer Leagues

To conclude on the top list below, we combined tangible factors such as;

  • Talent creation
  • The excellence of the matches
  • Total goals scored
  • In-game fans’ ambiance
  • Championship layout and structure
  • Level of competitiveness and randomness
  • Individual opinions from fans globally
  • The general quality of the groups, players, coaches, and stadiums
  • Country football association’s results in international club competitions

As you can see, the above factors are not only a result of fans, official rankings, and world recognition.

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English Premier League-Premiership

This is a top professional football league contested by 20 clubs, even those from Wales competing in the English soccer league system.

As a top-tier league in England, many famous teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and more.

Remarkably, the English Premier League has some of the top football players in the world. For instance, among the fans’ favorites are Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie, Sergio Aguero, David Silva, not to mention Tim Howard, and Clint Dempsey from America. What’s more?

Usually, the EPL provides almost full-time entertainment running from August through May. When you think of entertainment, the EPL allows you to enjoy matches filled with action, skill, surprises, and drama. Before the season ends, you will be glued on your seat, biting your nails, cheering, and hoping for nothing but victory for your team.

Because it is among the best leagues with a significant viewership globally, the English Premier League is broadcast worldwide, specifically through NBC Sports in America.

Still, being among the favorites is not just about the fantastic matches it involves but also about its strong background and history that goes way back to 1888. Well, there’s no match without fans; hence the stadiums are full of fans who always sing, shout, cheer and show their excitement in different ways throughout a game, even when losses occur. You can get more information on why English Premier league on and ascertain why this article argues that the EPL is the best in the world.


Spanish La Liga

The Primera División in Spain, but commonly known as La Liga to a majority, who are English speakers, is the leading Spanish football league. Its birth goes back to the 1920s, having just three teams who still exist to date without a knockout.

La Liga is famous for two dynamic teams that continue to dominate this league and this league and other club tournaments all over Europe; Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Real Madrid and Barcelona comprise possibly the best players globally in Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos, respectively. The 2011–2012 season saw Messi surpassing Ronaldo’s 46 goals by scoring an unbelievable 50 goals, the current seasonal league record. Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juventus; however, each squad still has other amazing superstars.

It is also important to note that Barcelona has won the championship in La Liga 26 times for multiple years in a row. However, Real Madrid has won the tournament 34 times.

Furthermore, the La Liga season runs simultaneously as the EPL and Serie A giving each fan something to enjoy. It is broadcasted on beIN Sports in America. The incredible players in both Barcelona and Real Madrid ensure the fans cheer with exceptional scores of 5-0 of 8-0 in some games.


German Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is Germany’s top soccer league. Even though it’s not as old as some other top leagues but only formed in 1963, it also brags incredible fan support. Remarkably, in the 2011–2012 season, Bundesliga saw the highest fan attendance of over 45,000 fans in each game.

The Bundesliga has a powerful squad that has been ruling, known as the FC Bayern Munich. Incredibly they have won the championship 23 times in a row.

While Bayern Munich is consists of a minimum of 7 German national team players, the Bundesliga also has top-notch players such as Ribery, Robben, Huntelaar, and some other American team members.

Similarly, the Bundesliga season runs from August through May, just like many other European leagues. It is a league to enjoy due to the strong players, ardent fans, and crammed stadiums. The games have a habit of being extremely competitive and thrilling, giving the fans a plus one in the top leagues’ section to follow.


Serie A in Italy

Serie A is the primary Italian soccer league with the leading teams in Italy; Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan are among the few celebrated teams in the league.

The players in this league are among the best in the world. They include Cristiano Ronaldo, Wesley Sneijder, Daniele De Rossi, Gianluigi Buffon, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and the American Michael Bradley.

The Serie A season also runs the same time as the English Premier League. It starts in September and closes in May the following year. Before, AC Milan was the favorite team for most fans because of the famous Ricardo Kaka; however, Juventus is now reigning. On July 23rd, 2020, Juventus won a clean 9th straight Serie A title, with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a total of 31 goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer from Real Madrid shocked the entire world but turned a powerful team into a solid and winning candidate in the UEFA championships. Well, Italy has never known such excitement in their matches until this significant transfer.

One thing for sure is that the footballers in Italy are timeless. This means that the coaches don’t bother over their players’ age as long as they are fit and can still perform at their highest level. Besides, Gigi Buffon is undeniably among the game’s best goalkeepers, even over 40 years old.

Regrettably, for Serie A, they seem always to encounter some dispute in the air. They had a vast match-fixing outrage in 2006 that is still pending in the league to date. All the fans desire is for this top league to solve their problems and deliver great soccer for supreme entertainment.

However, Serie A continues to offer fans the super tactical games that become enlightening contrary to what others may call boring. Any coach in this league needs to learn Italian soccer mastery, and they can survive anywhere else, leading a team to great success. Italy, like no other country, has upheld the championship with well-developed tactics.

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Major League Soccer in America

Many may find this surprising, but Major League Soccer provides soccer action that will glue you to your seat just like other leagues. MLS is the best soccer league in America, formed nearly 20 years ago to offer both players and fans skilled soccer in America.

Even though the league does not comprise the popular football superstars as the European leagues, it boasts of stars like Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Robbie Kean, and several other Central American players, including the US National Team members.

Contrary to most European leagues, the MLS season runs throughout the summer season, stretching from March to November. Besides, how can you play in winter? Still, the MLS provides exceptional summer entertainment while the other leagues are taking a break.

Recently, MLS continues to grow its fan base and new, soccer-only stadiums all over the country. These stadiums provide a top-notch atmosphere during practice and matches, making them a must-visit for any American soccer fan.

Soccer fans should also take a liking to the MLS not just because it is among the top leagues globally, but due to its immense growth in the last 15 years with potential for the coming years.

To conclude, it is essential to note that there are more leagues globally with first-class teams and players. Undeniably, the five above are the top best that every soccer fan should follow. You should also know that deciding on the best teams is highly subjective as expected; one’s favorite may not be the other’s cup of tea.

Such variance, in conclusion, involves personal preferences, patriotism, and even knowledge. Knowledge is power, and its high level gives you better chances of settling on the best you will have.

Moreover, these championships keep changing, having the top today being in another lower position tomorrow.

What’s most important is the notable steady growth of the leagues, and the MLS is setting a pace to watch out for in the coming years.

So, what are your favorite league, team, and players?