The Pronouncements Of The Bible About Music And Its Impact On Christians


Music is always food for the soul, as it was established a long time ago. It has a way of profoundly connecting the human mind, soul, body, and spirit, while it has no specific language. Music has been welcomed in any language throughout history as long as it is melodic and exciting to hear.

Making melodic songs with music and voice instruments helps express the human’s mind and connect with the metaphysical realm. Most often, when words fall on us, and we can’t express our gratitude through words, we sing melodious songs to the almighty.  Besides, music is considered to be the outlet of hopes, aspirations, dreams come through, and ways to express our desire and passion to the almighty God. Both tension and confusion can even be transformed out of our minds as we harmoniously sing songs.

As a Christian who is deeply rooted in the word of God, songs and praises are ways we can establish the connections our prayer could seem not to achieve. Besides, music serves as the connecting path with us against nothing that serves this purpose in our life as a Christian. Gospel Christian Religious Praise always has the superior divine power and spirituality which comes along with music and also showers us with the awesomeness and benefits of gospel music as the singer. Say you are down spiritually, and frustrated or you are seeking out answers to prayers from God, then you just might want to consider singing praises to God as a way of connecting t this throne. No matter how the world or the contemporary society we live in relates to music, you as a Christian should understand the efficacy in gospel songs’ power and how you can get your spirit-filled and soul lifted unto God through music.

The Power In Gospel Music

The power that lies in gospel music is undoubtedly exceptional as it has God’s influence in the melody and the song lyrics. Based on what the Gospel writer Coalition said, if you trust in the lord, you would have a framework of enjoying music enriching to your soul. Indeed, trusting in the lord and achieving more experience through his songs is another benefit you stand to gain from gospel music. So while the world might twist their kinds of music towards their path, ensuring you have your gospel music seasoned with the connection to the throne of grace would help you achieve more greatness and a victorious Christian lifestyle. The bible being the center of our faith, reveals much more details about music and how well Christians should enjoy the power and purposes of music and the wonders it rocks in Christians’ lives. The christ’s disciples should lift their voices and sing to his holy name. “Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul” (Psalm 66:16).

The Pronouncements Of The Bible About Music

In the bible, there are several instances where music has been used to win battles or appreciate the lord’s name. While the children of Israel were stuck at the Jericho wall, the Lord commanded Moses to gather his people and round the wall, while on the seventh day, they should sing unto the Lord with a loud trumpet. This was another instance in the bible where the power of music came through for the children of God. Besides, we see that music was glorifying, worshiping the lord’s name, acknowledging his great deeds, and offering a sacrifice of praise to his name. God’s people in the old testament had the pure knowledge of the gospel songs and the wonders that follow their praises each time they offer praise sacrifices. As Christian, we all can see the list of songs written in the Bible, which provides a fuller understanding of God’s wonders and how his people can easily benefit from the culture and the ways of life he has laid down for us to follow.

Music As A Tool For Teaching God’s Knowledge And His Desires For Humankind

The bible is very much complete and contains many sections where his disciples can learn about his awesomeness, principles, and dreadfulness. The bible uses music as a tool for teaching theology. The knowledge of God is woven throughout, while his inspired songs, such as the Palms of David, are also evidence of that. Some many inspirations and precepts were laid down to humankind and his disciples in the book of Psalms. It also serves as a source of gospel music to the Christian upon which the end of the word has come on. One way to encourage ourselves in the faith is through palms. According to Apostle Pauls, there is a concise relationship between our knowledge of the word of God and our consistent expression of the worship song. If we are filled with God’s spirit and rooted in his word, our worships would be seasoned and continuously encourage ourselves in his conditions. However, if we do not understand his precept, we cannot worship him with songs from our hearts.

Indeed, engaging in the richness of his word and singing through the knowledge of the bible is like drawing from the treasure box of God filled with his precious gems and knowing the value of God. Joining words of faith and extracting from the melodies of his words to sing and offer prices to him through the seasoned knowledge of God is a must for us as Christian. Our innermost true worship can be achieved through meditation and holistic work of music to connect our heads and hearts and, of course, continually worship him in his holiness through our music.

The Record Of Music In The Bible.

The Bible is full of evidence that shows how music is essential to the Christian life and how crucial it is to connect to the throne of grace. From Adam singing to the response of Eve’s creation to the evidence of singing in heaven by the washed saint in the blood of the lamb shows that music is one of the ways to connect to God. It was recorded in the scriptures that he sang with his disciples in Matthew’s book, chapter 26, verse 30. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the best collection of songs in the bible is in Psalms, which involves the compilation of several categories of poems, songs, prayers, and many more. This was inspired by God to David, too, who himself is a poet and harpist. Among the instances where David’s psalms were used in the bible as a worship song was in Israel’s temple in 1 Chronicles 16:7-36. Aside from this, when the lord’s house was under construction, in the book of Ezra 3:10-11; Nehemiah 12:27-47, the songs of palms were also used. Of course, there might be times when songs from your favorite artist have helped you pass through difficult times; such is also the case for these poems and hymns, which are designed to spirit fill you and prepared for God’s people in dating moments. As you tarry for the kingdom of God, there are several passages in the bible that showcase how well you can worship God in the beauty of his holiness.

Music: A Spiritual Disciple In Christian Life

The music in the bible is a way of showing us how we should remember God and his incredible powers, in addition to all that he has done for us, his disciples. All through the book of Palms, there are continuous commands and instructions on how we should exalt the holy name of the Lord through praise and worship. Of course, exalting the Lord and his beautiful deeds through music is a way to help him remind his promises and make the hands of the lord move. Sing praises to his name, worship him and adore him with your tongues and behold the wonders he shall do in your life. God’s greatness and his mightiness are bestowed on us when we use our voices to bless him and appreciate his wonderful deeds in our life. It is quite an obligation and such a beautiful command on how we can flourish through praise and continuous adoration of his name. Therefore, glorious and joyful music should be our disciple to the lord as it sinks our hearts in his eternal grace and greatness. The benefit of gospel music towards Christian listeners is dynamic and enormous. You can easily set the pace of your worship and adore God in any form you desire, while the pronouncements and the gracefulness of the praise are always glorifying God’s existence.

It is straightforward to maintain a good standard and balanced life through gospel music and explained in the bible. Telling the great deeds of the lord cannot cease from your mouth as long as you channel your energy towards praise and worship and you break forth through sing for joy and sing for praises.