What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of a Mechanical Keyboard


Many people are curious about mechanical keyboards. And there are users who would not change it for anything since they are very good for both playing and writing despite having an appearance where many do not like and much less its price, because computers now come with a very thin keyboard, what brings them success and changing it is not very simple.

Many believe that it is first a matter of testing the mechanical keyboard and thus being able to verify in the first person what the experience of using the keyboard is and how it is to use one of these mechanical keyboards that seem too specific for some users but that in itself, does not have any difficulty.

What You Need to Know About Mechanical Keyboards

To begin, we must analyze what a mechanical keyboard looks like. Different users have seen or tested keyboards of different brands but it is convenient to pay more attention to their specifications to find out what is the best they have to then choose one (in case you want to try to buy it).

The keys on these keyboards have an individual pulse switch, which does not have the rubber plates that the general keyboards bring. This helps make the tactile response of the fingers greater and better, with more durability. Despite this, the price is a bit high.

But this is the most basic thing to consider. There are many types of switches which each have a peculiarity that makes them unique and that sometimes confuses users. Among the most popular are the Cherry, which is divided into MX Blue, MX Brown, MX Red, MX Black or transparent. Each of them presents its own characteristics making our fingers have different experiences.

It is also true that to add a personal touch, manufacturers modify the switches, resulting in a different experience for those players. One such example is the Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2, which has its own switches.

This is where the debate begins: which switch should I choose for finger comfort? It happens that some users have their own tastes since there are those who like to hear the sound of the classic keyboard, others like to consider having an optimal response at the time of the games, others prefer that the keyboard does not make noise and other users take into account when writing, certain characteristics such as lightness and softness.

According to some users, they have leaned on the keyboard of the Cherry MX Blue keys, because they adapt very well for people who are writing. Also the compact KBT Pure Pro with key distribution to configure in different languages.

Your Hands Can Feel The Differences, But is Necessary to Get Used to Certain Details

There are testimonials from users who have used thin keyboards for many years and who were not sure to use thick keys for fear of discomfort. The truth is that those who have dared to such a change, confirm that it has not been easy. In the beginning, it was difficult for them to use the mechanical keyboard, but everything is a matter of habit.

Everything is based on being able to understand how the peripheral acts when we press on a key. It can be pressed until the end to write an email but you only have to press it halfway, when you hear a weak sound that makes us understand that this email is already written.

By having this information in mind, you will see how your fingers end up getting used to pressing the letters although not all of them since some, those that are in the middle of some words are written without thinking. Once you get used to it, the speed of writing advances and improves a lot. You can only realize it with its constant use or after using it for a couple of hours.

They have also noticed that their fingers have improved. When using the classical keyboard, it caused pain in the fingers and entire hand while changing it by the mechanical keyboard, they could notice great improvement since this discomfort had been markedly reduced. Although the discomfort does not disappear, it is true that they have reduced them a lot and the fatigue too.

Another disadvantage that is appreciated by many users is that by using the convex keyboard for a long time, it changes the feeling of comfort over time. This happens because, with its continuous use, the rubber wears out, the levers sometimes come off, etc. and after a while, the use of the keyboard is no longer pleasant or the same as when they bought it. And many users resent that having invested in a high-end keyboard even if it is not mechanical, think that it has been a pointless expense.

If you feel identified, you can check it yourself by pressing the keys you use most and then press the keys you use less to compare and see that the sensations and comforts are very different. Try it.

Despite this, the durability of the mechanical keyboards is higher since they are designed to obtain a tactile response, always with the same ‘feeling’ regardless of the amount of use we give to the keys so they guarantee comfort and quality for a long time. You should also know that in case you want to transport it, unfortunately, they weigh a lot so you should be careful.

Some Disadvantages

Still, not everything is good news: those mechanical keyboards, especially, those that have the MX Blue switches, produce a lot of noise. In any case, we can compare them with the used keyboards of the 80s because it even interrupts the music you may have in the background. In case you live alone or work in an office where you do not share it if it does not bother you, then there will be no problems but these keyboards are not suitable for use in rooms where there are other people.

In these cases, you have other switches that produce fewer noises although it is true that when you press the keys, the feeling is also different. In the following video, you can see it and compare the sounds of the Cherry switches so that you can realize: 


Another problem may be affected by those users who speak Spanish since it is usually difficult to find mechanical keyboards that have this option on their keys. It is true that in the market you will find some models but they are designed for players and are not very discreet. Another problem is if you need a keyboard suitable for systems that are different from Windows. Although one for Windows can work, it will be necessary to configure the keys to work according to what we need.

In short, those users who have used the mechanical keyboard for a long time do not regret the change. Although sometimes they use the classic keyboards again for some tasks, they will not stop using the mechanical keyboard under any point of view. You have many options in case you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard, in terms of model and prices, along with our information. Do not be afraid and take the challenge.

It is true that typing with a mechanical keyboard can be a bit annoying at first because as we mentioned earlier, they are not usually very quiet but you should keep in mind that you will get more speed and better health in your hands. Of course, it is not a keyboard designed for everyone but it is worth giving them a chance and many users confirm it. Even for some, the sound of the keys is very relaxing.

Types of Mechanical Keyboards According to Switch

To talk about mechanical keyboards is to make it the most popular brand, Cherry Industrial, an American company born in 1953 that began manufacturing keyboards in 1967, constituting the oldest firm that is still active today. Its “Cherry MX” keys offer different features that fit better or worse to the needs of users or their activity.

The types of the keyboard “Cherry MX” classified by color emerged in 1985, managing to extend it to the rest of the industry to homogenize it, so as to avoid confusion.

However and despite the careful design of the keys and their respective “switches” for certain activities, these indications are still general, so it will be the use of each person to determine what type of mechanical keyboard you prefer.

Cherry MX Blue

It is the model inspired by the old school keyboards but updated. The Blues are soft and very loud, with a very particular bounce of the keys that raises passions for that tactile sensation.

They are aimed at the most intense and fastest typists since the pulse is activated halfway, but to activate them requires a force greater than 50 centiNewtons, something that does not make them the best option for gaming.

Cherry Mx Black

The keys of the Cherry Black still require more force to be operated: 60 cN, one of the hardest. Its touch is linear and continuous, so there is no tactile sensation of pulsation.

Precisely because of their rigidity they are not recommended for activities that involve speed. In return, it is recommended for tasks that require precision, preventing us from involuntarily pressing other keys.

Cherry Mx Red

The Red requires a pulsation force of at least 45cN, so they are faster than the previous ones, even too much, because you can press keys you don’t want because of their softness. It also does not provide tactile sensation when pressed to be completely linear. One of the favorite types for gaming.

Cherry MX Brown

The Cherry with the brown switch is an SUV, being the most suitable option for those who spend as much time writing as playing with the PC. Its acting force is 55 cN, combining the click speed of the reds with the clicky feel of the blue ones.

Other Cherry Mx

Although Cherry manufactures other keyboards even with specialized uses, its use is more minor, including:

  • Mx Clear: as tough as the Blacks but with the tactile sensation similar to that of the Brown.
  • MX Speed Silver: with the same force of pulsation of the Red but with a travel of the key of 1.2 millimeters by the 2 millimeters of the Red, reason why they are still faster.
  • Dark Gray: harder than Black but without tactile sensation.
  • Light Gray: harder than Black but with a tactile sensation to Brown’s.
  • Green and White: harder than Black but with tactile sensation as powerful as Blue’s.

What If It’s Not Cherry?

There are other companies that manufacture switches that emulate or perfect Cherry Mx functionality. Without going any further, Greentech, KBTalking, Kailth or Gateron are manufacturers that clone their switches.

Other firms specializing in gaming such as Razer have opted to reduce the point of action so that their keys are even faster or to develop mechanisms of hybrid mechanical and membrane keyboards, something that also makes the expensive and minority Topre. In Logitech, they have developed their own switch called Romer-G, which ensures a lifespan of up to 70 million keystrokes.

If we throw ourselves into the retro, the keyboards of Alps Electric and the IBM Buckling Spring are of great quality, although they are no longer manufactured. As a curiosity, on the Mechanical Keyboards website, you can preview most of the mechanical keyboards scored based on their application for gaming or typing.

In addition, The Razer BlackWidow mechanical keyboard is a classic for gamers. Launched for the first time in 2010, it has become popular over the years, becoming one of the best sellers. In 2014 Razer incorporated the Razer mechanical switch, with special emphasis on speed, travel, and responsiveness to play.

Specifically, it uses the Razer Yellow switch, with 50 cN actuation force. With “anti-ghosting” technology, Razer BlackWidow allows you to perfectly execute commands of up to ten keys at the same time.