What Makes Newborn Baby Photography So Exciting & Challenging?

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You are waiting for your baby to be born in always a significant episode of your life. You make various preparations, starting clothes and accessories for setting up a room for your little one. However, the most important things that you should not forget about is capturing the moment of your little one entering your life. It is a precious moment, and you do not want to miss those moments without obtaining it. In this article, let us try to know the best way to capture these precious moments, how to set up the camera lighting, tips to make your picture, and different props and pose which will make it look good.

What is Newborn Photography?

The portrait picture of your new one in the first two weeks of his or her early life is always fascinating. When it comes to newborn photography, it tends to focus more on the expression, detail on the face, and pose of the baby or some birthmark.

A portrait is the same as aperture priority with a wider aperture for making a great depth of field. Nevertheless, this depends on the type of scenario or portrait that you would like to make. It can either be subject-centered or inclusion of the subject’s environmental situation. In that case, adjust the aperture to be narrower to get a detailed environment. 

Things to Consider for Newborn Photography

There are two types of newborn photography. The lifestyle newborn and the pose session. What makes them different is the environment around the baby.

  • Newborn Photography at Home

In the case of pose session, it focuses on getting ideal shots of the baby. Usually, some props are used for this session, such as hats, covers, blankets, or headbands. It might take 4-5 hours for the session to be complete as the baby feed and poop. Presenting can also take some time.

Lifestyle newborn photography, on the other hand, uses the natural situation to create an environment and also includes the family members. The best highlight is you can capture the bond shared by the other family members. These photos can make you feel nostalgic in the future.

  • Camera Setting for Newborn Photography

Mirrorless, as well as DSLR camera, can be used for this type of photography. Both of them can give you high-quality photos which excellent resolution. The only thing that you need to take care of is taking the picture in RAW format. This way, when you get a large print of the photo, it will be of good quality. Use different lenses for different situation. 

Clicking a picture of a newborn is all about timing. If you time it right, you will be able to click the best photos. Thus, you need to ensure that the camera has a different shutter speed and ISO. It will help in capturing even a momentary detail. Moreover, when you get a lens with a wide aperture, it will help you to click photos in low light. While clicking portrait photo, the depth of field has to be taken into account. To capture the special moments, use high ISO and a wide aperture for compensating with the shutter speed.

  • Lens to Use

It is always better to use a portrait lens when it comes to newborn photography. It will help in capturing every detail as it will have a wide aperture for producing great field depth.

  • Light Usage for Newborn Photography

When you are done deciding if you want to click the photo in lifestyle or pose session, you have to consider the lighting. Don’t forget; pictures are all about light. Clicking in pose session photos can prove to be helpful as you will be able to manipulate light as per your requirement. However, clicking the photo in a lifestyle session might show to be a little tricky. You must check the studio or the room where the photos are going to be clicked before the photography session. It will give you an idea as to how you can play the light are per your needs.

Props Needed for Newborn Photography

When you think of newborn portraits, you might feel that you require all the accessories and props you can. However, you should know that you might already have them somewhere, and there is no need to purchase. You have to be a little creative, as it will help in saving money, as well as time. One such example is a towel. You can use it for various settings and background. They are available in different types of colors and will add a texture to the image.

Inexpensive Setup for Clicking Photos

When you are looking to have newborn baby photography, you can easily create cheap and simple setups. It will help in photographing the little one. A primary thing that you will notice in all types of photography is that simplicity is the key. An onlooker will relate to simple image much better as they can understand it easily.

You need to focus on using colored materials and backdrop. It will help in setting up the right white balance. Also, it will help with color correcting after the photo has been clicked. There is no need to fret about the color cast and even reflected tones that can affect the skin of the newborn.

How to Get the Best Photos of a Newborn?

Clicking photos of a newborn might appear to be simple in the beginning. You might feel that they do not move around, and you can easily click their pictures. But you do not know that clicking newborn photos is quite challenging. As they cannot hold up their heads, finding the right pose can be pretty tricky. Here are useful ways to get you started.

  • Safety is Important: Newborn photos are not as it seems. The little boy in fire-helmet and the girl in the froggy pose are tricks of Photoshop. Babies cannot hold their heads. Hence, you should not put them inside any prop which might tip over and can endanger the baby if you do not take precaution. Avoid imitating a photographer who has been in this field for decades if you are new to this. It is better to stick to poses that the baby can hold all by themselves. Once you have enough experience, you can try out some trickier shots.
  • Photograph Before They is Two Weeks Old: Newborns do not stay new for long. After some time, they become more alert and start looking around. The sleepy newborn pictures you see are some of the best photos you can click before the baby is two weeks old. This is the time when they will fall asleep in that small cute basket. Yes, you can click pictures after two weeks, but in that case, you will have to work harder of you have to get sleepy baby photos. Awake and alert babies are likely to wriggle out of the swaddle. They might also move their hand from the ideal spot.
  • Develop a Baby-Friendly Environment:  In case you want the baby to keep sleeping as your camera makes the noise, the light changes, or while you adjust the props, you will have to do some prep work. You need to create a warm environment and maintain a consistent noise level before shooting. A majority of the newborn photos are done with a diaper, swaddle, and birthday suit. These clothes might be bulky, but naked babies can feel cold. Hence, before you shoot newborn photos, get a space heater for warming up the area. When the temperature is comfortable, the baby tends to fuss less. Even though the room does not have to be noise-free, a consistent soft noise can help. This will help a baby to stay calm for a more extended period.      
  • Sleeping Babies are Peaceful: A majority of the newborn photos are of sleeping babies. It might seem weird when you photograph a sleeping adult. However, when you are shooting an infant, you should spend some time to get him or her to sleep. Babies tend to look peaceful when they are sleeping and make it easier to work. However, this doesn’t mean that one can never able to click photos of a baby that is awake. Some poses might not be possible in such a case, but it can be done. 
  • Adjust Composition to Make the Most of One Pose: When it comes to newborn photography, if you move the baby, you might have to start the process all over again. For making the most of one pose to avoid overwhelming the baby, adjust one posture with different props and composition. It is an easy way to add variety. For instance, take a head and shoulder shot and then go for the full-length shot. You can also try shooting from a different level. When you are done adding different composition to the same pose, add some variety to the adjusting props.
  • Do Not Forget the Details: The best place to practice macro photography is newborn photography. Capture close-ups of this tiny little human being. When you get up close, you will be able to capture details which can’t be seen in the full-length shots. Every little one is different. Hence, you should find what is inspiring you and is melting your heart.
  • Use Natural Light When You Can: There is no need to invest a large amount of money to shoot a newborn. The best way to light photos is to use the windows. It is a soft source of light. Hard source of light tends to emphasize the skin imperfection and almost all newborns have bumps and redness. Shadows can add depth to your photos. Better place the baby at an angle to the light source instead of placing it parallel to the light source.

Popular Poses for Newborn Photography

Posing for newborn photos is a task that many photographers find challenging. You have to consider the safety of the little one. Hence, you have to know how you will be able to posture the babies safely. Here are some posing ideas that you can consider.

  • Posing with Family: One of the best ways click a newborn photo is to include the family. It will give you the most memorable pictures. 
  • Posing with Daddy: A kid, especially a daughter, share a special bond with their father. Hence, clicking the newborn with their daddy can be a great idea. It will show the love that a father has for his child. 
  • Posing with Sibling: Having a sibling is special. They grow up to share a special bond. Why not show the beginning of this beautiful bond through the photos. It is starting from the first cuddles to the bubble baths. As parents watch the friendship grow, it is going fill their heart with love. Looking at these photos will bring back the memory of early times. 
  • Posing on Tummy: A baby posing on their mother or father’s tummy is the sweetest thing that you will ever see. Consequently, it can be captured when the baby is awake or sleeping.
  • Propped Elbow Pose: This is usually captured when the baby is sleeping. This careless photography posture looks cute and unique.
  • Smiling at the Camera Pose: Your baby’s smile is the most precious thing in the world and capturing this is very important. Smiling babies look the cutest. When you look at these photos in time to come, you will not be able to help but smile.
  • Baby Portraits: Baby portraits can also be a good idea. You can print and frame them to hang it in your room.

After the successful completion of the session, you have to take care of the editing. This helps in making a significant impact on the photo’s mood. It will help in improving the photos you have clicked. Being a newborn photographer, you need to enjoy the freedom of experimenting with the concepts of baby photos.