Why Photography is Still Important in our Modern Days


If someone asked me how life without photography would be right now, I would answer, “Dull and boring,” without hesitation. I bet you have wondered about it yourself. How living a life in this modern world without the ability to capture and save some of your life’s most memorable moments could be?

Well, I believe your answer is as good as mine above, and it is for those many reasons that I wrote this article to bring to light the importance of this noble art. An art whose significance in society is not getting the attention it deserves.

Here are some of the reasons photography is a crucial part of our modern lives.

Photography Keeps our Memories Alive

Our minds cannot remember every little detail of everything special that happens in our lives. Whether you have a graduation or are welcoming your first child, or getting your second degree, there is a moment in life that something bigger good or bad would fight to replace the memories you already have in your mind. It takes a single stare to your former pictures to remember entirely what happened on the day you took the photo.

This photography attribute makes it a must-have on any special occasion such as weddings, ceremonies, and other special events. Renowned wedding photographers like Yorkshire wedding photographers, for example, have made it their business to see smiles running in thousands of people’s faces due to their excellent photographic works at weddings.

Photographs remind us of our Legacies

I could go through our family’s photo album and get to connect to the younger version of myself. I could see how I had progressed over the years and grown to achieve different accolades in life. Thanks to my parents’ early realization of the importance of photography, I could have a chain of pictures that traced me back to my roots when I could not manage life on my own.

When I got my crawl, I was there captured in an enticing photo with some notes written on the picture’s back. Today, keeping records on photos has become even more comfortable with the welcoming of the numerous photo-editing apps with which you can add texts to your pictures for future benefits.

Photographs captured and reminded me of every significant step and achievement I had made in life from then till now. I believe that they can still help us and the future generation achieve the same. The only difference between then and now being that now things are even better than then, thanks to advanced technology. 

Photography as a Means of Livelihood

With the advancing technology, everything else is developing, and photography is no exception. Modern-day photographers are not your typical elementary or primary school dropouts. A classy and successful photographer has to have some educational backing and training of some level in photography. That explains why you have professional photographers specializing in various fields such as funerals, marketing, baby showers, graduations, and weddings, among other events.

Photography as a Means of Socialization

Whether studying for a degree course in Photography and video production or just meeting with friends for a weekend photo-shoot, photography remains the center of your meetings. Many people with the same interest in photography have been brought together in recent years to learn about photography or enjoy practicing it. As you develop your skills, you also meet new people and expand your network.

Photos are a Medium of Passing Information

You can fully agree with me that you could come out with a lot of information by looking at a picture than when you were reading about the same information in written form. This is because pictures create a visual image in your mind, giving you a much more tangible piece of information to stick with compared to written words.

When journalists and publishers want the information they are selling to you to stick, they use related photos to drive the point home. This not only makes the reading of such publications interesting but also memorable for a long time. Ancient photos have also been used to bring to life the historical periods of our forefathers in addition to the written pieces of evidence.

Photography is a Form of Art

Human beings are creative beings. With art, we can effectively express our creativity and still earn a living while at it. Photography, as a form of art, has a big space in our modern times. Once a picture is taken, the photo artist has so many options at his/her disposal to make the picture better by editing.

A photo-artist can achieve a lot with just a single picture by adding color, changing tone, and interfering with the original photos shades and texture. There is also photoshopping that has lately been used effectively to add to life the artistic attribute of photography.

Photographs Grab Attention and Touch Emotions Quickly

In our modern society, everyone is busy chasing one thing or the other, it becomes hard to drive a point home, especially in written form. While a video clip could quickly get someone’s attention, they are much more expensive to access than photos. That leaves pictures at the center of important information dissemination.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you can have a single glimpse of a picture and get emotional based on what is in the picture. This alone drives you to want to know more hence grabbing your attention to the article or information the author intended to pass.

Photography is here to stay, and with the advancement of technology, it will keep growing and becoming an even more sophisticated form of art. In one way or the other, you interact with photography in diverse aspects of your daily activities. This means photography is still a crucial aspect of our lives, and you would be doing the world a great favor by passing the rich heritage of photography to upcoming generations. Therefore let us keep on embracing it every new day.