Top Benefits of Playing Badminton


Substitute your gym routine by indulging in a badminton game. Badminton is a laid back sport but has significant impact and activities globally. Whether you decide to play it socially or competitively, it has a major heart-racing workout. This may be all you need to lose those extra pounds as you develop a hobby as well.

Find out the benefits of badminton that will make you change your entire lifestyle to focus more on the sport.

Body Workout

Did you know that you could burn 450 calories per hour by playing badminton? The running, diving and lunging, is a complete body workout package that ends up pumping your heart. The different movements and skills of badminton offer the body a cardio workout since you engage the legs, arm strings, quads and core.

To perfect in the movement and skills of badminton, you should seek for training services. Training institutions like take you through all you need to know about badminton. Soon you will be playing like a pro, not just as a hobby.


Badminton is a social game as it requires more than one player. And more often, you will find yourself in a court with a lot of people. At some point, you will have to form teams to compete socially or even competitively.

This way, you will get to make friends away from your busy daily schedule. What’s better than having a friend for a teammate?

Mental Well-Being

With the current hassles and tussles of work routines, one can feel like ‘losing it’. At the gym, things look so severe and strenuous. But on the badminton court, it’s all about fun and play. If you are not careful, chances of being lonely and depressed can quickly kick in. This is because you hardly engage in fun and physical sport such as badminton.

Having fun releases the feel-good hormone, endorphins. These hormones help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and cause better mood and sleep.

Improved Mobility

Limited mobility comes with old age and lack of physical activities. Playing badminton makes you run around the court severally even if it’s for as short as 30 minutes. The running and diving trying to score your opponents helps in exercising and strengthening your joints and back.

Therefore you will prevent the risks of getting arthritis and other joints problems. Remarkably, badminton can also relieve constant back pains.

Child Friendly

Instead of allowing your child to sit all day watching movies or playing video games, indulge in a fun sport for both of you. It’s easier than registering them solo, whereby they can easily find it boring.

Luckily, badminton is a soft sport that even your kid can join. You can pair up as a team for doubles or compete against each other on the singles.

Nothing is fulfilling as sweating with a happy heart. Badminton is a fun sport that is not only easy to play but has simple rules to follow as well. Also, you don’t need expensive gear or an overrated court.

Put on your sports shoes, grab your racket and shuttlecock and let’s go compete the weekend away!