Dentside Ford Bronco – Characteristics and Interesting Facts


When you thought there was nothing more exciting about Ford Bronco, its return is big with a bang. As an SUV model of Ford, Bronco made its official debut early this year, promising better adjustments and features.

Being Ford’s first SUV model, it’s made magnificent sales of different models for five generations from 1966-1996. The latest model of the year 2021 is the 6th generation that is currently selling.

Also known as Ford dentside, it has several new interesting facts and features that people enjoy every day. Below are some of the remarkable attributes of Bronco that will help you break free from the same old features.

Tough Construction

Aside from the usual steel body that’s similar to most models for passenger protection, there’s more to this new build. With a closer look, you will see the new aluminum tailgates and doors that help in reducing the extra weight. This is ideal for people who like it without the doors since they are lighter and easy to remove.

Let’s look at the sport tubes. They come in boron material whose advantage is two-fold; more durable and thinner hence do not occupy more space and feel bulky. Better still, passengers can see outside and enjoy their safari and still feel safe.

Doesn’t Use Solid Axle

The new Ford dentside features an advanced suspension system. This modern setup doesn’t need the solid axle that works best for off-roading. So, instead, working without a solid axle enables it to have better performance and high speed without the risky wobbles.

Furthermore, the solid axle makes the steering dependent on the steer tire. So if you are driving entirely off-road, the rocks and trenches will cause the tire to loosen and even fall off.

But, thanks to the advanced and independent suspension setup, driving the modern Bronco has more flexibility and articulation.

Completely Customizable

So, it’s camping time, and luckily the new 2021 Ford Bronco allows you to play with it as you desire. Besides, you can choose from over 200 accessories just like your SUV’s look.

Remarkably, you can opt to use the manual transmission that comes with a Sasquatch package or even a two-inch lift that still requires the Sasquatch package. In this package, there is off-road equipment that is convenient for your drive.

The optional package features 35-inch tires and 17-inch Beadlock-abled wheels, front- and back-locking variances, and more trail and off-road accessories. You can easily access the package of your choice from standard to high-end models from Bronco stores.

Better still, you can also go for 37” tires instead of the 35” since this new model is adjustable. Also, there’s the option of choosing to change the speed from the normal two-speed to 4×4 high or low to suit your current situation.

Manual Transmission

Usually, the manual transmission on most models does not offer speedy performance. However, the 2021 Ford dentside is making history and exciting most motorists and fanatics. Bronco features an impressive and unrivaled 7-speed manual transmission. So what makes this differently better?

Before, the 6-speed transmission was better in that it allowed people to drive at lower RPM to enable fuel saving compared to the 5-speed manual transmission. But now, the 7-speed manual transmission is a cut above the rest as it takes you away from the pavements.

With 7-speed manual transmission, you will be able to climb and crawl on rocks quickly that get in your way. Better yet, it allows you to handle situations that require low-speed but high force. So the 7-speed manual transmission is above and more advanced than the gear in a typical passenger car. This is the only way to get lost in the middle of nowhere with nothing but large rocks in your path that will not feel challenging.

Jeep Tires

Similar to the Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco also uses a high-quality type of Goodyear tires. Therefore, you will not be seeing Ford’s tires stamped on ‘Wrangler’ outwards but instead on the inside.

Obviously, with Wrangler tires, Bronco will now have improved tread traction in various conditions both on and off-road. Circumferential furrows around the tread enhance wet grip and lower the risk of hydroplaning, an excellent Wrangler performance. Therefore, this tread design facilitates this tire to work well on the road with snow. Also, these jeep tires consist of ample tread that provides a stable footprint.

Still, inside the tire are two steel belts that add strength and sturdiness. So, you can be sure of going for your road trips more times than usual with other tire models.


For those who wouldn’t recognize its Bronco from simply looking at it, Ford will remind you of its identity. How so?

The branding ‘Bronco’ is in the interior in places like the steering wheel, seats, grill, not to mention in other places like the attaching bolts and gear shifters.

Additionally, there’s another bonus aesthetic improvement. Bronco features a push-button ignition system. This makes it easier to start anywhere and anytime without the worry of losing or misplacing the car keys.

Still, why should you own an off-road vehicle if it lacks an open-air design? In Bronco, you can easily take off the roof and door to make it more fun.

If you are going for the two-door model, take note that it comprises a standard three-section detachable roof system. Conversely, the four-door model has four removable roof segments but has a classic cloth soft top. These roof panels are easy to remove by unlocking clasps from the inside of the vehicle. Also, remember that the four-door model has door storage onboard with safety bags.

If you plan to have a party in the wild, Ford dentside comes with a bottle opener and convenient flood lights on the tailgate that shines down adequately when you open the back hatch.


As for the price, it’s no doubt that the new 2021 Ford Bronco costs slightly higher than the Jeep Wrangler at $29,995. Moreover, high-end models that come with additional features and equipment can go as high as $60,000.

However, the starting price for the Bronco Sport is anything from $28000 to $40000.

This resurrected Ford Bronco SUV has not come to play, and it’s taking out most of its competition with its excellent performance both on and off-road. If you love the outdoors and road trips, here’s a perfect choice of vehicle you should be considering purchasing.