15 Must-See Movies People Agree Are Absolutely Perfect


Most people would have a specific movie that would make them go crazy, and expected an explanation of how the movie is the best compared to the other ones they have seen. They go about defending the concept of the movie and also give the best explanation to justify their claims.  It might be the weekend is at the corner, time to relax and take a break from the week’s pressure, once again you are ready to find a good movie to pass away the time. The movie fans are here to help you choose a movie to watch over again if you have once watched it. So far 15 movies have been highlighted and there are reasons why they made the list.



A writer who has been lonely for a while had finally developed a relationship with an operating system to meet his entire needs. According to VarrickCarter23, he said the story is straight forward and simple, but then you still in a way found yourself sucked into the concept of the movie so easily. Though many others might not agree that the movie is near perfection, yet it is considered to be a flawless piece of movie. The implication displayed in the movie was not specified and also based on what the world is like.



External Sunshine of Spotless Mind

A couple with a falling relationship had to find an alternative way of erasing each other’s memories and connections. Although the process was very much complicated and at first proved unrealistic, but the loss helps them discover who they are and how they started in the first place. The drama is so engaging, and the theme music is well selected, also the movie is unique, dramatic and it is also a surprising one based on the acting. More so some viewers have confirmed that it invoked all the aspects of their emotions.



The Thing

A perfect horror movie with a dynamic movie concept of a research facility located in Antarctica had to deal with an alien force that could become anything it touches without any visible differences. That is a carbon copy of its prey. It is now left for the researchers to determine who is human and who is not. The puzzle had to be solved before it is too late. The movie offers interesting premises, and awesome characters dedicated to their roles, and of course, incredible complementary special effects that made the movie seem real. The soundtrack was perfectly selected and the suspense was a good one.



There will blood

The story was purely based on family, madness, hatred, oil, and religion and also focusing in the early days of business. The actor Daniel was able to mesmerize the fans with his formidable role in the movie. There will be blood was nothing compared to an enveloped aggression, and of course dreadful acts.





Fight Club

A regular office worker, had a lot of expectations for his life, he ponders on how to change his present way of life and he eventually dines with the devil though of creating an underground fight club. The process isn’t that smooth but he was able to pull through and the club evolves into something much more than he thought it would be. It is quite rare finding a movie better than the book, but Fight Club proves that wrong with its error-free movie and a masterminded work that captures the ending part of the movie. It’s a movie that had truly stood the test of time.



The incredible

Forced into un-prepared action to save the world, a family of superheroes trying to hide their capabilities from the community. They had tried living a quiet life in the sub-urban region and it was the right time to show what they were made up off. The characterization and the humor displayed in the movie were flawless and it was considered to be a perfect movie by many people.





The Godfather Part 2.

Tighten up on the family’s crime, the early life of Vito Corleone in New York was portrayed by his career, while his son expands and tightens up all loose ends of the past crime committed by his father. How Corleone assumed power was an unraveled misery while the action taken by Michael to continue in power was also an amazing move that could not have been predicted.




Vertigo Released

A detective from San Francisco was all over his friend’s wife when he was investigating the strange activities committed by his old buddy’s wife. More so, he was suffering from acrophobia and of course, he became dangerously obsessed and found of the woman. The final part of the movie is quite similar to the opening part, considering how the movie was slow and masterfully directed.



The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Becoming a bandit leader as a result of Robert Ford obsession with Jesse James since childhood, he tried his possible best to join the outlaw gang.






The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 

Steve Zissou the oceanographer took up a revenge mission on a mythical shark that killed his partner. He formed a crew consisting of his a journalist, his wife, and another man who obviously might be his son or might not be. The movie was such a complicated study of the Steve Zissou character, watching the movie again would help you pick up something you have not seen before in the movie.




Synecdoche, New York

Creating the replica of New York in his warehouse as a new part of the directed play, the struggling theatre director found it very difficult to scale through his troublous times. Also, struggling to balance his work and the women in his life was a thorn in his flesh. The movie is said to balance everything from suspense to humor and downright depressing.




Toy Story

Toy story was considered to be one of the strongest written movie scripts ever. A cowboy is constantly jealous when the spaceman used him as a toy in the boy’s room.







A promising and dedicated young drummer boy enrolled at a conventional music school where he hopes to achieve his dream and being mentored by an instructor who does not settle for less. He is always determined to realize his student’s potential come what may. The movie has well-developed characters and was also considered to be classic in time.




No Country For Old Men

With over two million dollars in cash lying down near the Rio Grande, a hunter was caught in the violence which ensued due to a drug deal gone wrong. The performance put up by Javier Bardem was incredibly outstanding. 






Mad Max: Fury Road

Rebelling against a tyrannical ruler cost a woman who was in search of her homeland to help an unknown group of female prisoners. She was considered to be a psychotic worshiper. It would be hard to pinpoint what should be changed in the movie because it was meticulously directed and acted.