Beatles Abbey Road’s Iconic Recreation In Hollywood; The Event Saw Record-Breaking Participation Across The Country


Abbey road’s eleventh studio album recorded by the most loved boy band of all time. It was the last piece recorded by them before the band liquefied.

The record rolled out on September 26, 1969, and garnered mixed reviews initially. However, in no time it headed to the Hot 100 chart in the United States soon after the two-sided hit singles Something as well as, Come Together came out in October of the same year.


Since then, there’s been no coming down for the album. And it rallied to the momentous of becoming the historic success of all times. Album’s cover played a pivotal role in making it millennial. The shot taken on the facade of abbey road studios wherein the four band members pass through the zebra crosswalk is rightfully credited to being one of the most sighted images in history. Moreover, it has had several replications and interpretations by multiple artists in popular music history.

Abbey roads studio has been the heart of the UK’s music industry since the early ’30s. It has some of the big names in its kitty, including  The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Radiohead, Stereophonics and many others making some of the colossal numbers in the music studios. The Abbey Road a’30s cover took the studio to new dimensions with recognition pouring in from the fans. The Abbey Road crossing still tops the most famous intersection of the world, with fans flocking to get their version of the so-called “Zebra Crossing” shot.

It’s been 50 years since the album got released, and to mark the event, the state of Los Angeles is planning to outdo the world’s most popular street crossing, over which the famous four-member crew once walked. On September 26, Abbey Studio Crossing turned into that picture-perfect Instagram hot spot on which fans flocked in hundreds to get that Instagram worthy click.

By No Means, the Hollywood & Vine junction was revamped forever in a zebra pattern for the festivities. Beatles representative was seen saying that the cross was reconstructed with a topping over the current Vine St. crosswalk using a massive non-slip recreation of Abbey Road’s zebra crossing. Along with this, the backcloth with the original Abbey road artwork without the Beatles image was also installed using four of eight-foot-tall panels installed on either side. All of these were soon available for the public to take videos and photos. The interim crosswalk revealing happened between 1 to 1:15 p.m. PST.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town Beatles nope, you got me wrong actual Beatles were used at the ZSL London Zoo to commemorate the Abbey Road album cover art. Ringo, George, John, and Paul were the four Mecynorhina Polyphemus flower beetles used to recreate the scene. They were seen walking through a recreation of the iconic zebra crossing, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the album. The zoo is not far from the actual Abbey Road studios where Beatles shot for the actual cover.

Craig Walker, a keeper at London Zoo, was seen describing how they pulled the stunt off. Mr. Walker says that they wanted to join in the festivities, and used the resident beetles.

They stamped the scene on top of a foam-board so that, the giant flower beetles could walk in the footsteps.

This version of the Abbey Road reinstallation will remain on exhibit in the zoo’s flower beetle exhibit until October 4.

The Abbey Road album artwork did get its commemorations with a customized maintenance hole cover featuring The Beatles strolling over the zebra crossing.

A spokesman for Thames Water told that the legendary Abbey Road crossing was the ideal choice for their unique version of the utility hole cover.

They are consistently in the hunt for new ways to connect with customers. And are in full confidence that this stunning one-off design and homage to the classic album cover, which stood the test of time for 50 years, would be popular with Beatles fans who walk the iconic walk. A free of charge street party was thrown after this, on Vine Street between Hollywood Boulevard and Yucca Street.

Sir Patrick Stewart was seen gracing the event with his presence along with LA city council member Mitch O’Farrell and Board of Public Works President Kevin James. Auxiliary fascinations adding more color to the affair apart from the photo showers included Beatles Pop up stalls curated by Amoeba Music, delicious food stalls. Also, many takeaways memorializing the happening was given out to all the fans who came to the event. The show ran until 3:30 in the afternoon.

Beatles as a band will forever reign in our hearts. And such recreations are evidence that time fails to erase the melodic music they have presented to the world. This fan-favorite band has set a landmark in modern music. The lucid lyrics, catchy hooks, and final chorus arrangements continue to ring in the ears that have heard it.

They brought in sounds that were never part of a listener’s auditory vocabulary. Two guitars, a bass and drum kit was all that they needed to transport us into this magical world of music never heard of before. Their songs came from difficult circumstances, and their lyrics were a reflection of the simplicity and beauty they saw in the world. The larger than life persona of the band gave them almost god-like personalities. An era that can never have a recreation, a union that can never fall back again and a four-member association that taught its listeners how to love, live, cry, find joy, and more.

The recreational event that saw fans flocking in from all corners of the country is a standing proof of the immense love that the world has for the crew and all things Beatles. Beatles have remained and will always linger in the playlists of people who love music. We wish that this turns into a sweeping festival reoccurring every year to commemorate the greatest boy band of all time and pass on the legacy to generations to come.