How to Choose the Right Images for Your Content


Pictures say a thousand words. That’s just how important a single image is. But, not just any image is worth to[ pass your message across. As a content creator, the chances of coming across low images in many articles are high. But poor is not about the clarity in terms of high or low, but in many different aspects.

That is why it is essential to know what images to use since, as straightforward as they may seem, they won’t just ‘cut it’ for your content. Therefore, it becomes a challenge to choose a perfect image.

Consider the tips below for a perfect choice. Read on.


Defining the quality of an image is by checking its clarity. The blurred, shaky, or shadowy images should be nowhere in your content. Images with high quality make the content more exciting and easy to relate to your audience. What’s more?

It’s very easy to remember a high-quality image even after you are through reading the content. The image sticks to your memory in the right way. Remarkably, a high-quality image will also enhance your SEO skills. It increases your link with organic ranking for your website and will grow your online prominence.


Beware that not all images on the web are readily available for you. Well, technically, they are, but others come at a cost. But that’s not a bad thing to charge for images; hence it’s a way of livelihood for photographers. Read on.

However, not all times do people budget for images in their contents hence the need for free images. Sources of free images like have come to help the writer with many free but high-quality photos to use anytime, anywhere you like.

Bright Colors

A picture is the first thing a reader will see when they get to your content. Therefore make sure you choose an image with bright colors to grab their attention. A colorful image sets the tone and mood of the reader.

Imagine reading a piece of kids playing, and then you have an image with dull colors. That kills the reader’s mood since they can’t pick up any joyful moments in the article about cheerful kids playing. Besides, bright colors can distract the reader from seeing a low-quality image.

With A Face

Use pictures that contain peoples’ faces to add to your content. It is easy to remember a man looking at his watch than a watch lying on the table. Give a face to your images helps the reader connect more with your content.

Moreover, an image with a face exerts the same emotions you want your reader to experience as they read your content. Also, a picture with a face adds the visual interest of a reader. This way, the reader is likely to stay longer on your site and gather more information.

It’s not just the critical image, but also make sure you include an image text or caption. Having an image text stirs the interest of the reader and shows them what to expect. It also helps them relate better to the content. Just make sure the text is related to the image.