What Is Diamond Painting? All about Diamond Painting


As the world evolves, so does art. Diamond painting is the new art in the block whereby it’s a mix of paint and cross-stitch. It involves breaking down images into patterns and uses the diamonds to create a vibrant mosaic painting.

As a painter, all you got to do is apply diamonds (small resin) to an adhesive canvas. With all the diamonds put together systematically, it forms a magnificent painting that shines bright like real diamonds. Remarkably, you don’t need any prior experience as a painter to do a diamond painting. Just have the right tools and start. Sounds pretty easy, huh?

What Is The Difference Between 3D and 5D Diamond Painting?

The difference is in the number of facets in the rhinestones. 3D has three dimensions or facets, whereas 5D has five facets. The more the facets, the more the gem sparkles, so 5D gives a more pleasant visual than the 3D. With 5D, you get a more realistic effect of the diamond painting.

What’s In a Diamond Kit?

An ideal painting kit should include everything you need to start your diamond art. Also, painting kits are not the same as they differ in the level of expertise. Amateurs have basic painting kits, while experts have equipment with advanced tools. You can get the best gear to suit your needs and level from diamondpaintingcorner.com.

A basic diamond painting kit includes;

  • Pre-printed canvas with distinct adhesive coating and protective film
  • 2.5 x 2.5 mm acrylic diamonds (crystals) with 9-15 facets for better light reflection
  • Tweezers
  • Diamond applicator tool
  • Adhesive wax

What Is Full, Partial, Round, And Square Drill?

A drill is the shape of the diamonds you are to use on your diamond painting. Generally, there are two types of drill shapes- round and square.

The square drill delivers a ‘mosaic’ type of look when you are through painting, while the round drill looks like a ‘cross-stitch.’ Round drills leave a gap between the diamonds because of their natural round shape hence a rare type among diamond painters.

Conversely, full drill means covering the entire canvas with the diamonds, whereas partial covers just a section of the image on the canvas. In most cases, a full drill kit is for experts and partial for novices.

How Long Is A Diamond Painting Going To Take?

The period of a diamond painting project depends on the size and level of expertise. The more details, the more attention you will need to pay hence more time. Also, how much time do you have for the project? Some people work on art partially while others full time; therefore, you have the power to control the length of the project. However, most diamond painting projects take approximately 2-9 hours sessions. What’s more?

For your finished or unfinished diamond painting, keeping it flat is the proper way of storing it. This will help protect the placed diamond drills from falling off its canvas.

Can You Laminate Diamond Paintings?

Depending on what you want to use your painting for, you decide on either framing or laminating. If it’s for your home or selling, choose the best way for presentation. Nevertheless, you can frame them laminate with a transparent lamination paper. The lamination paper will enable the crystals to stay intact even when the adhesive starts to wear off.

Who doesn’t love diamonds? Diamonds are forever, and this new DIY art is driving everyone crazy. Choose to free and relax your mind with diamond painting at the comfort of your home.