So, You Want To Paint? A Painting Guide for Beginners


So you want to paint? With the global COVID19 stay at home rules, many ideas have come to birth. Idleness is one thing everybody tried to avoid to get through the sad reality. While others tried new talents, painting was among the top activities on the list. What better way to relish time with your loved ones?

As a beginner and you are clueless about where to start, don’t worry! An easy-to-follow guide below is all you need to get started on your newly found interest, soon to be a hobby.

Reason for Painting

Painting is a type of art that needs inspiration. You cannot wake up and decide to paint one morning. There has to be a force/interest or passion, driving you to opt to start on the journey.

Is it just a hobby or you want to be a professional at the end of it all? The response to this question will enable you to determine your next step in your painting approach. Still, whatever the case, you have to have self-awareness for your reasons and what to achieve from it as the first step of painting.

Decide On a Technique

It would be best if you decided on a painting technique to focus on. Go through the options on the internet and see what catches your eye. Start with the simple methods and medium as these are a good start for a beginner.

A painting technique will enable you to pay close attention to painting fundamentals like color, value, composition, and more. Remember to choose a unique but straightforward method that will make you create a great impression and stand out. Besides, what’s the use of a painting if it doesn’t stand out from the rest?

Get the Materials

After deciding on the technique and medium of the kind of painting you want, it’s time to get the supplies. Bear in mind that you don’t need all the colors or brushes available in the painting store. All the materials you need are reliant on your choice of technique and medium.

As a beginner, get your desirable painting kit online or ask your local art store to provide a beginner’s kit. This kit comprises of the essential items you need. An upgrade will come as you advance your painting skills.

Remember, as much as you should keep it simple, quality matters. Who wants a brush that breaks immediately you start using it?

 Decide On What to Paint

Choosing a subject is one of the hardest decisions in painting. You want to paint something that inspires others also. Look for a matter that is doable and presents you with opportunities to challenge yourself while painting.

Also, make sure you have the supplies necessary for your subject. Have an improved finished product in mind before you even start painting. This will help you struggle to achieve everything in detail.

Paint Away

Even though the tutorials’ experts make a painting look simple, it is harder than it seems for a beginner. With everything ready, start painting.

Begin with the general angle of your subject, that is, the simple colors and shapes. You will refine as you proceed. Once you finish, review your work and make any necessary changes. Look at what went wrong or right and where to improve next time.

Remember; be proud of your first work. It’s not a masterpiece, of course, but save it to remind you of your journey in the future when you are an expert. Do not compare your first painting with those of artists, as this may make you feel inadequate to the point of quitting. Besides, everybody begins as a layperson, even the masters.