Some Tips You Must Understand Before Using Retinol


No doubt everyone wants to have glowing skin, flawless and free from any spot. This is achievable only if you make use of the right skincare products and observe some skincare routines. To achieve healthy skin free from spots you need to understand what is the right product to use.

The success of your skincare routine starts with knowing which products should be used indoors, which are suitable for outdoor activities, summer period, winter, and spring.

Although some people have had horrible experiences with some skincare products, it might seem like they wouldn’t get the right product that suits their skin. Skincare can be tricky if you do not understand your skin type, how sensitive it is, and what is the best approach you should have when it comes to caring for it.

Among the skincare products and popularly known cosmetics is retinol. Generally, some people have hard horrible experiences using the products whether due to some manufacturer’s defects, skin type, or other reasons. However effective and appropriate use of retinol can easily transform your skin. More so, ensure that the retinol you are opting for is produced by reputable brands like You can transform your skin by appropriately using these products according to the following guidelines.


What Is Retinol?

The basic detail about Retinol is that it’s a derivative of vitamin A known to be a boost and cell tissue repair that changes your skin and renews it all over. It boosts your skin collagen and as well offers your skin an anti-aging benefit that is matched by any other skin product yet.

It helps keep your skin in shape and avoid skin wrinkles and sagging skin. It contributes to the youthful glow of your skin and reduces acne while brightening your complexion. Based on the anti-aging benefits it offers, there isn’t a specific time for its usage like some skincare products.

Depending on the skin type you have advice that you can choose to start using retinol at any time of your choice. Perhaps you know this product. In the next section, we would discuss some times that would change your orientation about retinol.


Start With A Little Quantity

Say you have just purchased retinol for the first time, and you are confused about the best way to make use of the product, it is best you start slow and let your skin adjust to it. You can start by applying a pinch size amount to your body, to clean out the dry portion of your skin.

You can use it once or twice a week to see your body’s reaction to the product. Gradually you can walk your way up to a stronger formula of retinol and apply it to your skin more frequently. Meanwhile, going hard on your skin can cause multiple irritations and this is where most people suffer skin damage caused by retinol.


Night Time Usage Only

It is best you always apply the retinol at night. The primary reason why it is advisable to apply this skincare product at night is that the powerhouse ingredient is sensitive to light. It is also the best option for you as the ingredients do not react with light during nighttime. Clean, and tone your body through the proper application of retinol and moisturize your body effectively.


Always Protect Your Skin

Always have in mind that retinol is very sensitive to light. This means that the next day you must protect your skin from direct sunlight. If you make use of retinol as one of your beauty products you must also apply sunscreen to help protect your skin from possible irritation that might be caused by the reaction of light and the retinol.


Keep It Simple

Whenever you are using a retinol, you should also limit the use of other products, Ensure you keep your skincare routine simple. This is to allow the retinol to work its magic, meanwhile, harsh exfoliators and other forms of skincare acid might not work well with the products.


Be Consistent

For you to see positive results in your skincare exercise, you must be consistent with the use of retinol. Just like other skincare products it would take some time before you can see the necessary improvement you are expecting.