Things You Need To Tell Your Photographer Before The Wedding Day


Weddings are special events that we look up to and create memories about. This can only be done by settling on the best photographer of the day. One of them understands what the whole event is about and expected of them.

But do you know that keeping the photographer posted about the wedding is relevant and what is expected? Below is what you should let them know before the event commences.

1 – The order of the ceremony

Every service provider requires to be provided with information regarding the order of the service. This is to avoid unprofessionalism as well as be regarded as organized. Issuing details on how the ceremony will precede makes they understand when to take the photos and videos. If they need clarity on anything, it should be done before the ceremony to have a smoothly running event.

2 – Wedding dressing theme

You do not want your wedding photographer availing himself in a high-end suite at a beach-based wedding party. Explain the kind of fabric they should be in and the theme color. It not only makes them feel comfortable but also part of the service. In most cases, when hiring an Italian wedding photographer, you must account for their wardrobe.

3 – Attention to details

Particular people would love it if they appeared in your wedding album. It would be best to provide a sheet of their photos and have the photographer capture their faces. How you want the images to be taken; this is single sets and big shots. Should there be any family or friends with any exceptional details, it should be discussed.

4 – Location

Highlighted the types of location that you want the pictures captured. It should be highlighted before the shoot if this is impossible to avoid inconvenience. It also prepares the photographer for details regarding additional requirements for the photo sessions. Highlighting the location helps the service provider check their reliability and the required terms and conditions.

Individually, you need to be familiar with the location to ensure that the photography is made accessible and relatable. By understanding the weather expected to be on the wedding day, the place must be reliable.

5 – Exceptions

Being that you will be accepting different types of people to your wedding, let the photographer know of any moments you hate being on camera. These might be either embarrassing moments regarding your family or even disagreements. The photographer must be competent enough to capture the moments without leaving out any details.


Qualities of a good wedding photographer

  • Communication

Waking up to a text message that your wedding photographer cannot make it to your wedding is not something enjoyable for one to experience. It is essential always to drive them to understand why you have chosen them as the best choice. They should be accountable enough to understand the need to communicate if they cannot make it to the wedding day.

They need to highlight any additional requirements they require to complete the day, such as photography equipment that the client should provide.

  • Competence

By providing the photographer with details regarding what is expected of the photographer, you require one who will deliver the kind of service you expect. Should the service provider rely on a team of other photographers, they should be punctual and offer the services on time. Pay attention to any questions that the photographer asks before the service. This highlights the type of service to expect from them.

  • Patience

Your wedding day will have people from different social classes; go for a photographer who can be patient enough to capture photos of the service without feeling offended; they need to bear the best social skills to get along with your guest accordingly.

  • Creativity

Go for a photographer who understands how to use the location and props provided accordingly. They should not only make the photography ordinary but add a touch of creativity to make them outstanding. Always go for a photographer who is well conversant with variety photography.

Keeping your wedding photographer updated on the entire ceremony is essential. This helps them plan on how to execute the service to your expectations.